Energy & Natural Resources

Optimizing production with AI, data, and the intelligent edge

Data holds incredible opportunities for energy producers.

Utilities, power generation, oil and gas companies are all in the position to tap into this digital resource to improve efficiencies, increase reliability and drive business performance.

Optimize your production and gain an industry advantage with Neal Analytics. Our expertise ranges from creating roadmaps and data strategies to implementing cutting edge technology, advanced analytics and AI/ML.

Learn how our solutions can help you activate your data to improve forecast accuracy, scale with automation, leverage IoT, build autonomous systems and more below.

Intelligent energy

We leverage our industry solution accelerators, cloud platform expertise, and digital consulting services to help our customers optimize their business and extract more value from their data. 

Neal Analytics solutions are designed to support one, or several, of the following objectives: 

Operate for the future

Improve energy management and reliability
> Advanced forecasting
> AI for Reliability
> Autonomous systems

Transform your workforce

Empower your team with data and automation
> Data visualization
> Process automation

Reimagine energy

Enhance your capabilities with edge technologies
> Intelligent edge
> IoT

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Our solutions

machine learning vs machine teaching with project bonsai diagram

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems combine simulation and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) to achieve new levels in equipment performance. Rather than programmed rules, these systems self-learn through trial and error.

Trial-and-error training can’t happen on your production environment. Therefore, the first step in any Autonomous system project to is to build a reliable simulator that will then be used to train the AI agent using DRL techniques.

Autonomous systems are ideal for optimizing control systems that require extreme robustness despite being non-linear and multi-variable systems. For instance, autonomous systems have been used to optimize oil yield in underground horizontal drilling, controlling the yaw of wind turbines to maximize energy output, decide the optimal material feed rates and throat settings of a gyratory rock crusher, and more.

AI for Reliability

AI for Reliability is an end to end suite offerings designed to improve the reliability of valuable assets in the field. Identify problems ahead of time, reduce equipment downtime, and lower costs with a solution engineered from data on historical failures, sensors and external factors.

azure stack edge concept diagram

Intelligent edge

Reduce costs and scale up operations across the value chain by bringing AI capabilities to the edge. Our expertise in intelligent edge technologies helps businesses take advantage of AI enhanced reliability, vision analytics, IoT monitoring, and process automation for improved safety and efficiency.

Process automation

Scale your operations by automating inefficient, manual processes, and maximizing your workforce. Our predictive model solutions leverage historical data and patterns to automate processes that range from calibrating virtual meters to investigating customer billing errors.

power plant pipes

Advanced forecasting

Get the information you need to respond quickly and strategically to market changes with accurate macro and granular forecasts. Our Advanced forecasting solution helps energy producers better predict demand, consumption, workforce needs, individual well production and more without sacrificing detail.

Data visualization

Transform sensor data and field equipment information into intuitive visuals for high-level insights across sites over time. Leverage our Power BI expertise to create custom dashboards and consolidate data into easy-to-navigate visual representations of production, transport, and distribution processes.

woman reviews data


Capture streaming data from your equipment for real-time insights and a bird’s eye view of the entire field. Reduce downtime by leveraging IoT architecture, remote sensors, and the cloud to prevent unplanned shutdowns, identify the root cause of equipment failure, and respond proactively.