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Retail & CPG

Promotion Optimization

Use machine learning to measure, manage and optimize your promotional campaigns. Gain insight from historical campaign data to plan your calendar, measure performance and forecast ROI. 

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Advanced Demand Forecasting helps businesses adapt to changing markets with machine-learning insights to understand demand drivers, optimize operations and strategize sales plans 

Customer IQ

CustomerIQ provides a consolidated, unified view of your customer from your data so you can improve personalization, calculate lifetime value, predict behavior and more. 


SECURITY & Compliance

Protect your health information and stay compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations by implementing a modern data estate and secure infrastructure on the cloud.  


Act on early signs of potential health problems, forecast needs, and identify patterns with machine learning. Our state-of-the-art predictive models create automated systems to help health professionals allocate resources, improve patient outreach, forecast hospital stay length and more.  

QUALITY Assurance

Health professionals can automate time-intensive and inefficient processes to reduce oversights and free up their staff for other tasks. From claims auditing to medical coding, we work with your systems to assure quality care at every level.  

Energy & Natural Resources

Process Automation

Scale your operations by automating inefficient, manual processes and maximizing your workforce. Our predictive model solutions leverage historical data and patterns to automate processes that range from calibrating virtual meters to investigating customer billing errors.

AI for Reliability

AI for Reliability is an end to end suite of asset offerings designed to improve the reliability of valuable assets in the field. Identify problems ahead of time, reduce equipment downtime, and lower costs with a solution engineered from data on historical failures, sensors and external factors.

Intelligent Edge

Reduce costs and scale up operations across the value chain by bringing advanced analytics and AI capabilities to the edge. Our expertise in intelligent edge technologies helps businesses take advantage of AI, vision analytics, IoT monitoring, and process automation for improved safety and efficiency.

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