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How PepsiCo makes the perfect Cheetos with the help of Autonomous Systems
Quick-service restaurant chain innovates customer experience with AI
Cart recommendations through a combination of customer history analysis and filtering techniques
Campari group products lineu p
Campari Group rapidly pivots to digital outreach & gains new customer insights
dairy products on shelf
SKU Optimization for a Saudi-based CPG company: Getting the right product on the right shelf in over 50,000 stores
golden lights
Arca Continental: Big data boosts business for soft drink bottler

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robotic arm handling coin bags
AI controlled robotic arm for coin bags handling using Microsoft Project Bonsai
Intelligent Order Sequencing
Intelligent order sequencing for a large, international quick-serve restaurant
man at gym lifts barbell weight
GNC transforms customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365
How PepsiCo makes the perfect Cheetos with the help of Autonomous Systems
fresh produce and vegetables at market
Ciruli Brothers: Designing and implementing a seamless ERP migration to the cloud
shopping mall
Analyzing foot traffic using computer vision at the edge
computer chip abstract
Major global technology firm outsources data science development, landing a new technology in the IoT ecosystem
Using machine learning to improve underwriter efficiency at an insurance company
public transit
Bringing real-time, on-demand customer service to more than 8 million public transit patrons
water treatment
Predicting next 24-hour demand for water utility company
Driving digital transformations for sports organizations by developing a digital platform recommendation system with ML
fiber optic
Designing and deploying a self-service reporting platform for a global provider of fiber optic cable and equipment