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How PepsiCo makes the perfect Cheetos with the help of Autonomous Systems
barista preparing drinks
Intelligent order sequencing for a large, international coffeehouse chain
Campari group products lineu p
Campari Group rapidly pivots to digital outreach & gains new customer insights
StockView screenshot showing out of stock item highlighted
National retail chain leverages AI at the edge to detect stockouts
video game controller
How a video game publisher built a unified data platform for customer engagement and insights
North American Energy Company Challenges
End-to-end data estate modernization at a North American energy company

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natural resources
Haulage strategy optimization for a natural resources company
car exchange
Fair market value estimation for used cars at leading car exchange
R&D portfolio management at major offshore wind developer
oil pump in sunset
Major oil services company: Asset health visualization
high altitude pictures
High altitude pictures with GIS metadata to C3 integration
Quick-service restaurant chain innovates customer experience with AI
Sberbank AI robot control system
With Autonomous Systems, Sberbank develops a unique AI robot control system
two business women read document on computer
Self-service plagiarism checking tool for non-profit research institute
french fries
Quality prediction and driver analysis for french fry production
video game controller
Optimizing database queries at an independent, privately held video game studio
gas utility
Reducing manual investigation workloads at natural gas utility