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Since 2011, Neal has supported organizations undergoing data-driven transformations through varied offerings and initiatives across virtually all industries, from data strategy to solution design and execution. 

To help customers get started, Neal has created offers for many of our most popular solutions and services. These offers, listed below, have been designed to help organizations reach their goals by leveraging proven, highly repeatable methodologies to enable quick wins and a rapid time to value.

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Advanced demand forecasting workshop

Understand the impacts of internal and external factors to optimize forecasting and build more nuanced sales strategies.

Managed Service: End to end data estate modernization

The data estate modernization managed service is calibrated to fit the size and skillset requirements of your project. Let us do the heavy lifting to help you modernize with Agile development, proven architectures, and a team of experts.

CustomerIQ implementation

Identify, understand, and engage your customers at any point of the buyer’s journey with a unified data platform capable of integrating with any CDP. CustomerIQ enables AI-powered churn prediction, customer lifetime value forecasting, and personalization.

Data modernization in a month (DMIM)

Neal's DMIM program enables organizations to spin up a fully functional cloud database on Microsoft Azure in 30 days or less.

FHIR Service on Azure: 6-week implementation

Azure API for FHIR provides organizations with a quick and secure way to share protected health information in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Intelligent Edge Retail Experience briefing

Intelligent Edge solutions powered by Azure Stack Edge enable retail organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure services on-premises, reducing solution latency and reliance on constant internet connectivity.

SKU Assortment Optimization implementation

Increase sales by dynamically tailoring and optimizing your inventory according to local customer needs to put the right products on the right shelf across your business.

StockView for Retail

StockView helps retailers increase sales volumes and improve customer service by leveraging computer vision to detect gaps on store shelves and provide notifications to employees about stock-outs.

Trade Promotion Optimization implementation

Leverage previous sales data to predict future promotion performance with machine learning.