Leveraging AI and machine learning for business transformation

Since 2011, Neal Analytics has leveraged AI, cloud, and data expertise to help tech companies perform better, faster, and more efficiently.

Neal got its start in the technology industry and has evolved its competency to state of the art in AI consulting, data management, and business intelligence. Our unique team has carried forward our deep competency into a varied suite of solutions, where we can leverage our industry expertise to help clients.

These range broadly from development resourcing and assisting with the final push to publish for games to a unique suite of solutions we leverage in assisting with technology go-to-markets.

Our solutions


CustomerIQ is a holistic platform and services solution from Neal Analytics that provides companies with a unified view of their customers. We leverage our expertise in AI and machine learning with Microsoft platforms such as Dynamics Customer Insights, PlayFab, and Azure Machine Learning, to offer an integrated solution that enables dynamic segmentation and improved personalization to drive brand growth and optimize marketing.

Data warehousing

A recurring theme within Neal’s technology customers is a desire to see their data accurately to make better business decisions. We help our customers achieve this by deploying data warehouse assets, pipelines, and unit tests. Neal’s expertise spans across platforms, but we specialize in leveraging our cloud competency to accelerate our customer’s data journeys and produce a more holistic, scalable analytics platform for our customers.

Artificial intelligence

We leverage our AI expertise and partnerships to build and deploy custom-made models and algorithms to create scalable and cost-efficient solutions for real-world business challenges. From troubleshooting to tuning and operationalization, Neal can help your team build more with AI.

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