High tech manufacturer: Setup of EDW

High tech manufacturer: Setup of EDW


  • High tech manufacturers had an on-going project to develop and deploy a large EDW with accompanying ETL processes in Azure.
  • This project was failing because of an incompetent incumbent service provider. Neal Analytics was brought in to rapidly stabilize the project and improve and simplify the design and architecture.




  • Used SQL 2016 temporal tables to provide native versioning of records, i.e. history tracking, and provide the ability to maintain Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD), as well as show the actual value at a point in time
  • Designed and built for incremental updates of facts and dimensions for increased performance
  • Incrementally moved to near-real-time business intelligence through leverage of the EDW


  • Optimized Azure infrastructure related to servers, databases, network, monitors
  • Developed a scalable security approach. Defined overall security roles and groups for the Azure environment