High tech manufacturer: Setup of EDW

High tech manufacturer: Setup of EDW


  • A high-tech manufacturer had an on-going project to develop and deploy a large EDW with accompanying ETL processes in Azure.
  • This project was struggling due to a variety of factors. Neal Analytics was brought in to rapidly stabilize the project and improve and simplify the design and architecture.




  • Used SQL 2016 temporal tables to provide native record versioning and provide the ability to maintain Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD), as well as show the actual value at a point in time.
  • Designed and built for incremental updates of facts and dimensions for increased performance.
  • Incrementally moved to near-real-time business intelligence by leveraging the EDW.


  • Optimized Azure infrastructure related to servers, databases, network, monitors
  • Developed a scalable security approach. Defined overall security roles and groups for the Azure environment