Exploring possibilities with Generative AI

Exploring possibilities with Generative AI

When asked to describe Generative AI, sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke’s third law comes to mind, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

Arthur C. Clarke's quote on technology

This new technology may seem magic, but unlike the magic in many of our favorite fantasy books, Generative AI does have limits. While it certainly does create the potential for unlocking many new use cases, many of which certainly haven’t been thought of yet, there are many others that may remain impractical, be cost-prohibitive to implement and operate, or simply not be possible (yet). 

When considering possible use cases for Generative AI, it’s vital to ensure that you have a foundational understanding of the capabilities of the AI model (such as OpenAI’s models) you want to use and how to implement it with your existing systems. Additionally, analyzing the related infrastructure and data costs compared to desired business impact and value can help expedite the use case prioritization process. 

We offer 1-hour workshops designed to help organizations explore Generative AI use cases and help determine and prioritize possible use cases leveraging OpenAI (or other Generative AIs) on Azure. Let’s explore a few of the topics that we often cover in these workshops. 

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Understanding OpenAI 

Understanding OpenAI’s Generative AI solutions and models is essential to understanding its potential use cases. Our workshops are an ideal opportunity for client stakeholders, including data scientists and business decision-makers, to ask questions and gain a stronger understanding of what the technology is capable of. 

Infrastructure, data, and costs 

Unlocking Generative AI use cases typically requires some level of data preparation and additional infrastructure, even if the AI is being integrated into an existing app or workload. Considering these preliminary activities can extend timelines and incur heavy costs depending on the level of effort required, it’s important to account for and scope for the costs to both implement and run Generative AI in your workloads. 

Workshop attendees gain the opportunity to better understand the data and infrastructure requirements for their priority use cases helping them to prepare more accurate budgeting and development roadmaps. 

Business impact and value 

Generative AI can support a large swath of use cases out of the box, and even more with relatively limited development work. With such powerful capabilities, determining which use cases to prioritize can be challenging. 

Our 1-hour Generative AI workshop is designed to help clients prioritize their use cases by mapping use cases to their anticipated impact and value, then comparing the value to the anticipated cost to implement the solution. 

Integrating Generative AI with existing systems 

Integrating Generative AI with your existing systems can be a potentially complicated and confusing process. Given that Generative AI solutions are still fairly nascent, the ease of integration can vary wildly depending on your use case, current tech stack and architecture, and the specific Generative AI technology you want to use.  

For example, OpenAI and Microsoft have a strong partnership with Microsoft integrating OpenAI’s technology directly into many of their Azure offerings. Leveraging OpenAI in apps built on Azure will be a relatively quick and straightforward process. Integrating OpenAI with apps built on GCP via OpenAI’s API? That will be more complicated. 

Our workshop provides clients with the opportunity to more accurately gauge the simplicity of implementing Generative AI in their solutions and discover whether there is a better way to achieve the same results. 

How to get started with a Proof of Concept 

Our workshops typically conclude with recommendations for the next steps, including a roadmap for implementing a proof of concept for your top priority use case. The recommendations we provide typically include technical guidance as well as information on any relevant Microsoft programs and offers that may relate to your proof of concept. 

Register for a workshop 

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