List of all solutions offered by Neal to support businesses with their end-to-end data transformation initiatives

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Understanding the impacts internal and external factors have on-demand allows organizations to optimize forecasting and build responsive and more nuanced sales strategies

Application Modernization

Build more flexible, faster, and more secure apps in the cloud


Gain a more holistic view of your customers by ingesting all your customer data into a single source of truth

Data Modernization

Tear down data silos and leverage all organizational data in the cloud


Innovate faster and with greater agility with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

Modern Finance

Improve employee efficiency, plan better, and reduce risk with a modern CFO office

Edge Video Analytics for Retail

Streamline retail store operations with real-time, in-store insights gained from Video Analytics

Intelligent Order Sequencing

Reduce waste and improve customer wait times with intelligent, scalable order sequencing

Migration & Modernization

Innovate and gain a competitive advantage in the cloud


Leverage a proven system for implementing end-to-end lifecycle management for Machine Learning solutions

Production Yield Optimization

Optimize manufacturing processes with AI-powered Autonomous Systems leveraging Microsoft Project Bonsai toolchain

SKU Optimization

Increase sales by putting the right products on every shelf across your business

SQL Server Migration

End upgrades and enable digital innovation by bringing SQL Server to Azure

StockView for Retail

Reduce lost sales and improve customer experience with AI-powered gap detection at the edge

AI-powered Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize supply chains with AI-powered Autonomous Systems leveraging Microsoft Project Bonsai

Trade Promotion Optimization

Leverage previous sales to predict future promotion performance with machine learning