Application Modernization

Build more flexible, faster, and more secure apps in the cloud

Modernizing Applications in the Cloud

According to, 85% of companies view application modernization as a means to move forward as a business, and the reasons why are apparent. Migrating and modernizing applications in the cloud allows organizations to gain access to flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud resources.

Modernizing applications can also enable organizations to take advantage of new services like serverless compute resources, help bolster IT security, and support regulatory compliance.

Neal Analytics can help organizations get the most from cloud resources, including serverless computing. As experts in IT security and compliance, Neal can also help ensure apps function in a manner compliant with any relevant regulatory standards.

85% of companies see app modernization as a way to move forward as a business



Accelerates time to market

Enhanced security and compliance

Azure cloud services for app modernization

Gain flexibility

.Migrating to Microsoft Azure or any other major cloud platform allows organizations to gain access to scalable, cost-effective, and flexible cloud resources and solutions. By migrating and modernizing applications, it is easier to scale resources up and down to meet usage demands, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by constantly right-sizing the IT environment. Modern apps can also utilize robust APIs, making integrations with other apps and services much more straightforward than on-premises applications.

Modernizing apps in the cloud also enables organizations to:

  • Swap CapEx for OpEx, enabling a complete tax write of cloud infrastructure expenses
  • Leverage cloud service-level agreements (SLAs) to support required uptimes
  • Take advantage of cloud-enabled solutions, such as real-time analytics and AI-driven customer insights.
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Accelerate time to market

The cloud is notorious for its ability to provision resources in minutes and create entire IT environments in hours or days. Modernizing applications with cloud-enabled services like Azure Serverless offers a way to leverage these resources to develop more efficient apps and bring them to market even faster than before.

Microsoft Azure Serverless solutions enable organizations to become even more agile by eliminating the need to provision and code cloud resources like Virtual Machines. For example, organizations that don’t use serverless resources will need to take the time to manually provision resources whenever they want to create a new app. Alternatively, when building a hotfix or writing an update patch, they would need to manually create a test environment to validate and debug the code. Serverless architectures enable organizations and developers to reduce time spent on these tasks, enabling a faster time to market.

Since less time is spent coding resources and environments, developers gain the ability to refocus their time on driving innovation and more efficient app development.

Leveraging Azure Serverless solutions can also:

  • Support an accelerated time to market for core business app development and improvements
  • Leverage pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Create a more cost-efficient IT environment by automatically turning on via event triggers and then turning off when no longer in use
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Enhance security and compliance

While organizations might feel their on-premises web apps are secure, TechBeacon indicates that as many as 66% of IT executives have reported application-layer DDoS attacks, making updating security to counter modern threats a vital part of IT. Modernizing apps in the cloud is the key to achieving an improved security posture while meeting or exceeding data and security compliance requirements.

With help from a trusted partner like Neal Analytics, organizations can leverage cloud security solutions to thwart bad actors, mitigate DDoS attempts and other attacks while maintaining compliance with virtually any regulation, such as HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, CCPA, and any other relevant regulation. Neal is also cognizant of the constantly developing data privacy landscape and can support compliance with any new regulation as they come into effect.

Neal Analytics can also help organizations:

  • Streamline security, boost employee productivity, and reduce potential phishing opportunities with Single Sign-On
  • Take advantage of edge computing to support data sovereignty requirements and reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Implement real-time network monitoring solutions that proactively detect and mitigate application attacks and other threats
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Why Neal?

Neal Analytics can accelerate your journey to the cloud, leading to rapid time to value. Having leveraged industry best practices to drive multiple end-to-end cloud migration and modernization projects for all major cloud providers, Neal Analytics can support even the most complex migrations via:

  • Flexible engagement models resulting in the ability to jump in and help no matter where an organization is in its journey to the Cloud
  • Broad and deep experience with multiple cloud platforms and best-of-breed technologies
  • Industry best practices expertise

Neal Analytics is an infrastructure, data & AI, and digital & app innovation Microsoft Solutions Partner, reflecting its deep expertise in migrating data and apps to Azure and other cloud platforms.