Customer IQ

Enhance the customer experience with data-driven personalization

Personalization at scale

CustomerIQ is a holistic platform and services solution offered by Neal Analytics. It leverages our expertise with Microsoft Platforms, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Azure Machine Learning, to provide an integrated solution to help companies improve their customer experience.

With CustomerIQ, businesses can consolidate and unify disparate customer data across the entire buying journey onto a single platform. Neal’s library of machine learning models extends the value of this data to generate powerful insights into customer behavior for dynamic segmentation and personalization at scale.


Unified view of consumers and their behavior

Dynamic segmentation

Rapid iterations: test, measure, optimize

Understand your customers from all angles, in one place

Customer data exits in multiple, often siloed, sources. CustomerIQ enables the consolidation of these multiple and heterogeneous sources into a single, unified view of the customer.

Marketers can better understand their customers by combining demographic, behavioral, and transactional data in a unified view.


Learn how to predict customer behavior

CustomerIQ leverages Neal Analytics’ advanced machine learning models to dynamically segment customers, calculate their lifetime value, predict churn, determine the next-best-offer and understand their brand perceptions.

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Engage your customers

Optimize your marketing spend with measurable and predictable ROI.

CustomerIQ helps companies develop campaigns with AI-driven insights into the optimal audience, content, and channels and executed with agility through real-time performance monitoring and measurement. These customer behavior insights will help you personalize your outreach and improve marketing effectiveness across channels.

Your customers, your data

Neal Analytics recognizes that companies own the relationships with their customers and should therefore own the data and the insights. They should not rent access from a third-party vendor or SaaS provider.

CustomerIQ is designed to enable and empower your organization. It’s deployed as your IP and designed to meet you where you’re at in terms of current tools, technologies, and data sources.

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The Neal Analytics advantage

Neal Analytics can help you throughout your transformation journey with a comprehensive set of consulting services from business to the cloud and analytics.

It is delivered as a flexible managed service offering. The composition of the engagement team adapts to the project needs for a specific phase. This team is staffed by seasoned business consultants, program managers, architects, data engineers, and data scientists.

The delivery model uses a modern, proven, and flexible approach based on the agile software engineering model. It ensures consistent and measurable results throughout the project.