Campari Group rapidly pivots to digital outreach & gains new customer insights

Learn how Campari, the world's 6th largest liquor distributor, was able to achieve an email marketing open rate double the industry average during COVID.

Campari Group rapidly pivots to digital outreach & gains new customer insights

Campari Group, headquartered in Milan, Italy, is one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers. Focusing on spirits, wine, and soft drinks, Campari Group includes more than 50 premium and super-premium brands, including widely recognized brands such as Campari, Grand Marnier, Wild Turkey, Aperol, and Skyy Vodka. Campari Group has grown to a global organization thanks to a successful growth over the years. As it grew and acquired more brands, however, it also acquired a plethora of various marketing and data platforms, making data governance, gaining customer insights and integration a challenge. Additionally, the global nature of Campari’s business meant it needed to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

The data challenge

Campari Group knew they were missing key customer insights due to the number of disparate data and marketing platforms they leveraged. To help solve this, they reached out to Neal Analytics to find a way to eliminate data siloes and inconsistent data originating from Campari’s various platforms.

As the project went on, the COVID-19 pandemic came to light, creating a new challenge for Campari: finding a way to pivot their marketing efforts away from in-person events and towards creating a digital community. Given the sudden and unexpected impact of the virus, Campari knew they would need to make this pivot extremely quickly to avoid losing engagement with their customers.

Compounding the challenge even further was the fact Campari Group has operations around the globe and needs to consider data regulations, such as GDPR.

Campari Customer Insights sandbox

Phase I – Tearing down data silos with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & CustomerIQ

To help eliminate data siloes, Neal Analytics implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, enabling Campari Group to gain a holistic, 360⁰ view of their customers. To support the elimination of data siloes, Neal built six new customer connectors, in addition to the ones available out-of-the-box in Customer Insights, for Campari’s disparate data sources. This made it possible for Dynamics Customer Insights to ingest and process data from all Campari’s customer data sources, providing a single source of truth for customer data.

Neal Analytics also enabled Campari to gain AI-driven insights into their customers, including predictions on churn, customer lifetime value, and discovery of new customer segments, by implementing CustomerIQ. CustomerIQ runs on top of CDPs like Customer Insights and leverages Neal’s extensive library of AI and Machine Learning models to deliver additional insights beyond what is typical in CDPs.

Neal also developed a GDPR governance framework to support GDPR compliance and mitigate other data privacy concerns. Customer Insights were then deployed in three different geographies – the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As a means of enabling Campari to drive changes in the future, Neal also developed a roadmap for enhancing Customer Insights capabilities.

Campari brand portfolio

“We had been working on a long-term plan for our data and then the sudden circumstances shorted our timeline to two weeks. The team at Neal Analytics worked around the clock to set my team up for success in an integrated and solution-oriented way. We hit our deadline exactly on target and will now be able to work with our database in a much more effective and efficient manner.”

Anne Louise Marquis, National Portfolio Brand Ambassador, Campari USA

Phase II – Pivoting from in-person events to digital marketing

Towards the end of Phase I, the COVID-19 pandemic struck.  Recognizing the need to rapidly shift from in-person event marketing to a digital marketing strategy, Campari decided to continue leveraging the expertise of the Neal Analytics team to implement a new marketing automation solution.

To help create a consistent, streamlined Martech stack, Neal Analytics implemented Dynamics 365 Marketing, a feature-rich marketing platform that combines popular services including email marketing automation, social media capabilities, surveys, marketing page and form creation, event management, and more.

Being a part of the greater Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Dynamics Marketing also leverages the same Common Data Model as Dynamics Customer Insights, simplifying the use of the insights and customer segments discovered in Customer Insights.

Campari had to shift from in person to digital events

Results: Campari gains new customer insights, launches an email marketing campaign, and realizes a 42% email open rate

Choosing Dynamics 365 Marketing as its marketing automation platform enabled Neal Analytics to implement the solution at a very rapid rate. Neal stood up an instance of Dynamics Marketing within two weeks for each of the initial three geographies (the US, the UK, and Australia), enabling them to launch full-scale email marketing campaigns.

Campari was able to discover new insights and segments from their customer data in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and was able to achieve an over 42% open rate in their first email marketing campaign launched through Dynamics 365 Marketing.

The high open rate, more than double the average open rate for B2C emails according to Campaign Monitor, highlights both the quality of the marketing automation and email deliverability provided by Dynamics Marketing, as well as Neal Analytics’ deep expertise with implementing Microsoft solutions.

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