Migration & Modernization

Innovate and gain a competitive advantage in the cloud

Migrate, modernize, and innovate in the cloud

Digital, data-driven innovation is a vital component of success for nearly all modern organizations. To maintain a competitive pace of innovation, however, organizations need to remain agile and capable of leveraging the latest solutions and technologies, such as modern analytics and AI.

Organizations leveraging on-premises datacenters, legacy technologies, or business apps that are not cloud-ready may find their pace of innovation falling behind competitors. Complex workflows, preparation time, and the cost of managing legacy solutions all add to the challenge of leveraging modern cloud-based apps and solutions.

Neal Analytics can help organizations quickly overcome obstacles presented by legacy technology and solutions, whether they’re looking to migrate to the cloud, modernize apps or data, or drive innovation.



Reduce total cost of ownership

Scale operations on-demand

Upgrade legacy applications



The first step towards innovation in the cloud, migrating workloads allows organizations to capture the benefits commonly associated with the cloud, such as a reduced TCOon-demand scalabilityhigh availability and disaster recovery capabilities, and the ability to swap CapEx for OpEx.

Beyond these benefits, migrating to the cloud also allows organizations to decommission legacy hardware and solutions and can eliminate the need to perform slow, manual updates when hardware fails or a core solution, like SQL Server or Windows Server, reaches its end of support.

Neal Analytics can help organizations accelerate their migration to the cloud through our Data Modernization in a Month (DMIM) program, which takes advantage of Microsoft’s DPi30 program to help organizations stand up a new database on Azure in just 30 days. Neal can also help with more complex migrations by helping assess migration options, planning and executing migrations, and building roadmaps for data and application modernization.


Once migrated to the cloud, most organizations modernize their data and applications to achieve cloud-ready status, meaning they can easily integrate and use with other cloud-based solutions and services.

Examples of data modernization might include cleansing data and orchestrating data pipelines to enable easy integration with cloud analytics or consolidating data from disparate data sources into a single platform to create a single source of truth.

On the other hand, application modernization might include the implementation of microservices or adding automation in business apps to handle repeatable processes. An example of modernizing apps with automation might be leveraging Power Automate to notify a sales team of new inbound leads from marketing forms, rather than requiring a team member to manually pull new lead information from their CRM on a daily basis.

While data and application modernization are crucial for unlocking new business capabilities and enabling innovation in the cloud, the sheer number of different paths to modernization can be daunting. Data and app modernization experts at Neal can work with virtually any organization to understand their current capabilities and desired outcomes. From there, they can help create a roadmap for how to achieve their goals best while ensuring the resulting data platforms and apps provide support for future use cases and innovation.


Once data and applications have been made cloud-ready through modernization, they are ready to be integrated with modern analytics and AI to drive innovation and solve business challenges.

At this point in the digital transformation, organizations frequently reach out to AI and analytics experts to accelerate their pace of innovation and rapidly scale out new solutions. These new solutions can enable new use cases like fine-tuning demand forecasting, improving quality control, and delivering more effective personalized marketing to customers.

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Why Neal?

Working with the AI and analytics experts at Neal Analytics provides a key advantage that can help organizations accelerate developing their AI and analytics capabilities even faster: data familiarity. Since Neal will have an existing familiarity with an organization’s data and app landscape, innovation can begin immediately.   

Neal Analytics also provides:

  • Assessments to estimate costs and plan infrastructure and architecture deployments for on-premises SQL Server migrations via AME 
  • Rapid database implementations on Azure in just 30 days or less via DMIM and DPi30 
  • Flexible engagement models resulting in the ability to jump in and help no matter where an organization is in its journey to the cloud  
  • Broad and deep experience with multiple cloud platforms and best-of-breed  technologies  
  • Industry best practices expertise in manufacturing, retail/CPG, healthcare, and more  

Neal Analytics is an infrastructure, data & AI, and digital & app innovation Microsoft Solutions Partner, which reflects our deep expertise in migrating data and apps to Azure and other cloud platforms.   

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