Migration & Modernization

Transform your business with the Cloud

Migrate and modernize to capture the benefits of the cloud

In the modern era, every company must recognize the role technology plays in their success. With technology playing an increasingly vital role in commerce, it is a common assertion that every company in existence today is a tech company. As success becomes even more directly tied to technology, it is of the utmost importance for organizations to leverage the best solutions to solve business challenges. Many of these best-of-breed solutions are impractical or overly cost-prohibitive to run on-premises, however. This leads to the need to migrate and modernize workloads in the cloud.

The cloud offers plenty of benefits, including virtually unlimited scalability, a reduction in the total cost of ownership, and the ability to improve IT security according to industry best practices.



Reduce total cost of ownership

Scale operations on-demand

Upgrade legacy applications



Take advantage of the cost-effective, on-demand scalability of Microsoft Azure or any other cloud platform to rapidly scale resources as you need them. This helps reduce or eliminate the need to forecast and over-provision resources, plus it eliminates the need for on-premises server installation, maintenance, and other associated costs, leading to the potential for a steeply reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Microsoft Azure can be used to host virtual machines (VMs) and in conjunction with on-premises and private cloud environments to create hybrid clouds, making it ideal for organizations who want to capture the benefits of the cloud without migrating their entire environment.

Migrating to the cloud also enables organizations to:

  • Swap CapEx for OpEx
  • Enhance their IT security posture
  • Modernize data and applications with cloud-native technologies

Data estate modernization

According to IDG, 91% of senior IT and business decision-makers say the ability to integrate data from any source is critical to their organization’s strategic goals. The problem, however, has been that data is often siloed, leading to difficulty integrating the data. This leads to poor decision making based on incomplete data, which costs US businesses $3 trillion annually.

The result is that modernizing data estates has become essential for an organization’s ongoing success. Building robust API integrations, connectors for disparate data sources, and implementing flexible, scalable data estates (such as data lakes, data warehouses, etc.) is a key priority for organizations looking to gain the most from their data.

The new problem, however, is that only 52% of data integration projects are successful. This is often due to a lack of time or expertise within in-house developer teams. To ensure success, leveraging a partner like Neal Analytics is essential. Modernizing data estates can help:

  • Boost productivity and drive better business decisions by tearing down data silos and gaining a more holistic view of data
  • Leverage auto-scaling, plus gain ability to use AI to merge and format data
  • Avoid time-consuming, costly, and failure-prone in-house data estate modernization projects.

Application modernization

Modernizing applications enables organizations to get more from their applications by leveraging cloud-native solutions and integrations. In fact, according to CIO.com, 89% of organizations are targeting application modernization to integrate applications better and reduce the number of systems that don’t talk together.

Organizations also modernize applications to improve their security posture via streamlined security policies, boost employee productivity, and reduce their total cost of ownership. Application modernization can also include redesigning the application to support multiple cloud platforms natively and implementing hybrid cloud architectures. Hybrid cloud architectures can extend on-premises applications with the cost-effective, on-demand scalability of the cloud.

Modernizing applications, however, requires a deep familiarity with not only the existing application and the business objectives it serves but also the target environment and available services. Neal Analytics has experience driving multiple end-to-end application migrations and modernization projects across the major cloud platforms.

Neal Analytics has the experience and expertise to help modernize applications to:

  • Improve user experience, employee productivity, and IT security with secure by design practices and Single Sign-On
  • Leverage Platform as a Service and serverless computing to reduce the need for manual resource provisioning and maintenance, enabling developers to focus on value-adding projects
  • Take advantage of the scalability of cloud resources, plus ensure a constant application uptime with cloud-enabled High Availability & Disaster Recovery architectures.
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Why Neal?

Neal Analytics can accelerate your journey to the cloud, leading to rapid time to value. Having leveraged industry best practices to drive multiple end-to-end cloud migration and modernization projects for all major cloud providers, Neal Analytics can support even the most complex migrations via:

  • Flexible engagement models resulting in the ability to jump in and help no matter where an organization is in its journey to the Cloud
  • Broad and deep experience with multiple cloud platforms and best-of-breed technologies
  • Industry best practices expertise

Neal Analytics is also a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner, reflecting our deep expertise in migrating data and apps to Azure and other cloud platforms.