Accelerators, connectors, and templates

List of connectors, accelerators & templates developed by Neal to support businesses with their end-to-end data transformation initiatives


Advanced Forecasting

Understanding the impacts internal and external factors have on-demand allows organizations to optimize forecasting and build responsive and more nuanced sales strategies

Advanced Demand Forecasting

Account for exogenous factors and leverage machine learning to fine tune demand forecasting

Bot Factory

An accelerator as well as its services methodology designed for the rapid implementation of low-code conversational assets

Business IQ AI Platform

Business analytics platform, designed to provide key insights on churn, customer behavior, and segmentation, along with best practices for their implementation


Gain a more holistic view of your customers by ingesting all your customer data into a single source of truth

Data & Analytics Roadmap

Leverage data experts to accelerate your planning and build a roadmap to a modern data & analytics platform

Digital CFO

Automate transactional and repeatable tasks and refocus financial analysts on tasks that drive business value

Edge Video Accelerator for Bonsai

Easily and seamlessly implement Bonsai & Autonomous Systems at the edge using NVIDIA or Intel hardware acceleration, as well as Microsoft's Edge offerings & Percept with Bonsai

Enterprise Databricks Implementation

Neal's Enterprise Databricks Implementation accelerator makes it easier than ever to implement a Databricks deployment, making management of a complex AI ecosystem easy

MLOps Accelerator

Drive machine learning projects to rapid completion with turnkey access to MLOps experts

Percept Accelerator

Build and deploy AI at the Edge more rapidly with Azure Percept solutions from Microsoft and Neal Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

Initiative to predict major failures or breakdowns within specific equipment that may significantly impact business

Price Optimization

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to analyze historical pricing, competitor pricing, and how price point impacts the rate of sale to determine the optimal pricing for goods

Product Recommendations

Leverage inventory and point-of-sale data to predict which combinations of products will sell the best

SKU Assortment Optimization

Increase sales by putting the right products on every shelf across your business

Snowflake DW Migration Accelerator

Accelerate your digital transformation by rapidly moving your data warehouse to Snowflake

Trade Promotion Optimization

Leverage previous sales to predict future promotion performance with machine learning

Video Analytics

Streamline retail store operations with real-time, in-store insights gained from Video Analytics

WanDisco Live Migrate for Hadoop Migrations

Rapidly bring your Hadoop clusters to the cloud with zero downtime


Adobe Experience Manager






IBM Watson

InContact Inc


MD Totco

Nexidia Analytics











Power BI Templates

Power BI Usage Insights Template

Gain insights into dashboard usage and establish corporate governance policies with Power BI Usage Insights

DevOps Accelerator

Gain turnkey access to a team of DevOps experts and track development projects via Neal and Power BI resources