Monitor usage of your business dashboards with Power BI Usage Insights

Monitor usage of your business dashboards with Power BI Usage Insights

Power BI is a popular and powerful data visualization tool with widespread use in organizations of virtually all sizes. It provides organizations with smart tools that enable self-service analytics at scale.

The ease of use can lead to rapid widespread adoption in an organization, providing clarity to business units organization wide. This widespread adoption can have its drawbacks, however. As more dashboards get built, users may realize their dashboards weren’t initially made the best way or need more features, resulting in abandoned test dashboards or dashboards no longer being regularly use. This creates a need for insight into organization-wide dashboard usage rates in order to establish governance policies for Power BI.

Power BI Usage Insights

Power BI Usage Insights from Neal Analytics is designed to enable corporate governance of Power BI by discovering and providing insights into the usage rates of Power BI dashboards across the organization.

It was previously released as a solution template and is the most widely deployed method of enterprise management and storage of customer usage metrics from Office 365 for Power BI. During its availability as a solution template on, it was deployed over 1,000 times, making this the most widely used non-Microsoft produced solution in the Power BI marketplace.

The purpose of this application is to automate analytics installation for preservation of the Audit log for Power BI. This is a very useful tool for Power BI Administrators, as it allows them to:

  1. Better manage their userbase
  2. Foster community
  3. Identify data security & export issues
  4. Utilize a superior, enterprise-grade, Microsoft-reviewed architecture for audit log management
  5. Look at historical usage data beyond Microsoft’s native capabilities