End-to-end innovation and implementation delivered through flexible engagement models

Innovate and implement at scale

Neal Analytics’ innovation and implementation services help businesses at every stage of their digital transformation leveraging the most appropriate leading-edge and established technologies for any given engagement.

With an eye for pragmatic, right-sized approaches and engagement models based on Agile methodologies, we leverage our team’s cloud, data, and AI expertise to accelerate your time to value by bringing the right competencies at the right time throughout the engagement.

Our services are built to flex and grow with your business. From project-based to managed services, we offer various engagement models to innovate and implement your business transformation at any scale.

Innovation services to reimagine your business

Since its inception in 2011, Neal Analytics has always been at the forefront of cloud, data, and AI technology advancement. We were, for instance, among the first companies to work with technologies such as Azure ML and Azure Stack Edge. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners and suppliers to help build, test and deploy new technologies as they are brought to market.

Neal Analytics has the technological vision, industry partnerships, and domain expertise to help you reimagine business with data and gain a competitive edge in your field. Our innovation services help businesses tackle problems that require a new approach. We take your systems further with custom engineering, leveraging new technologies, architectures, and practices to achieve your objective.

Our projects range from bringing advanced AI, such as vision, to the edge for retailers (as seen in our Microsoft Ignite 2019 demo) to automating ICD10 medical coding for hospitals and creating IoT infrastructure for predictive maintenance.

Neal’s innovation services typically leverage fixed bid contracts, time and materials, or our managed capacity model for initiatives ranging from proof of concept to full production deployment.

diagram: innovation and implementation ratio for new and existing tech
consultants meeting with energy company team

Implementation services to accelerate your business

Neal Analytics brings an extensive portfolio of industry experience, methodologies, and deep technical expertise to each project and initiative. Our implementation services take well-established platforms and technologies and adapt them to your business, customizing them to your use cases and systems to create a solid foundation and expand your capabilities.

Neal’s implementation services leverage a range of tried-and-true practices, patterns, frameworks, templates, and connectors to accelerate time to value. We deploy the infrastructures and tools to help people do their jobs better, faster, and cheaper.

These services include cloud migration, application modernization, and integrating tools like Power Platform to empower teams and help businesses get the most from their data.

Typical engagements for our implementation services include managed capacity, managed services, and staff augmentation.

Neal Practices

Neal Practices are a part of our unified data approach

Business Intelligence and Automation

Analytics and workflow automation for our customer’s critical business processes to enable better insights and visibility​

Cloud Infrastructure, Security, and Modernization

Design, implement, and protect cost-effective cloud infrastructure that delivers the required performance, elasticity, and access​

Data Estates and Modernization

Data architecture, data engineering, and application modernization for cloud data platforms​

Data Science and Applied AI

Reveal trends, uncover patterns, and produce insights to empower business decisions and growth​

Edge and IoT

Robust edge-to-cloud architectures that unlock insights and drive operational efficiencies​

Intelligent Customer Solutions

Improve customer experience, loyalty, and corporate branding through integrated cloud marketing strategies and analysis​

Project Management and Business Architecture

Deliver engagements with Disciplined Agile processes to create quality outcomes and positive customer experience​

Shared Business Services

Provide superior technical and data business capabilities to customers for recruiting, design, and other operational needs​

Engage Neal Analytics

Neal offers a variety of flexible engagement models so that our experts can scale with your needs through any stage of your business transformation. Discover the ways we can work with your team below.