Who We Are

Neal Analytics is a consulting firm and we believe in working more intelligently. We help firms struggling with data to automate their processes, achieve more through machine learning, and implement artificial intelligence systems for deeper analytics. Our goal is to help our customers on their journey to reaching maximum efficiency and returns.

Neal is a surname and a masculine given name of Gaelic origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Niall, which is of disputed derivation. The Gaelic is surmised to be derived from words meaning cloud, passionate, or champion.

Those words are at the core of our team identity and echo through each individual. Our people are leaders in their chosen specialties who come together to create solutions and deliver services that shine. Made up of Strategy Consultants, Transformation Specialists, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Cloud Architects, Designers, and Application Developers, Neal Analytics is well-equipped to deliver excellence on any project for any organization!


To enlighten people and accelerate positive change in organizations looking to maximize their opportunity with Digital Transformation.

  • Empathy

    We recognize the non-trivial nature of the human disruption that accompanies a rapidly advancing technology environment. Our techniques and outcomes are human-centered and collaborative. We celebrate mutually-empowering professional dynamics.

  • Integrity

    We place an emphasis on conducting our business and inter-personal interactions ethically. We reciprocate the trust placed in us with holistic and meticulously-crafted solutions. We are customer-centric and go above-and-beyond to ensure delighted customers.

  • Reinvention

    We confidently embrace the relentless march of technology and change. Our shared growth mindset means we never stand still in our skills and techniques. We enjoy being agile and nimble catalysts of change for our customers and partners.


  • Dylan Dias

    CEO and Co-Founder Seattle, WA United States
  • Greg Gomez

    VP of Alliances and Industry Strategy Seattle, WA United States
  • David McClellan

    Director of Digital Consulting Kirkland, WA United States
  • Zach Perkel

    Director of Data Science Seattle, WA United States
  • David Brown

    Director of Technical Sales Seattle, WA United States
  • Ravi Patel

    Director of Technical Architecture Seattle, WA United States
  • Olivier Fontana

    VP of Marketing Seattle, WA United States