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Who we are
Who we are

What we do (our mission)

Neal Analytics is a cloud, data, and AI Microsoft Gold consulting Partner. Since 2011, Neal has supported companies with their data-driven transformation initiatives from data strategy to solution design, architecture, development, operationalization, and support.

To deliver effective digital transformation Neal has built extensive competencies in all the required critical technologies. We have mastered each individually, are adding new technologies as they become relevant, and have synthesized all into a cohesive portfolio that delivers a seamless customer experience 

From a process standpoint, Neal approaches digital transformation projects through a proven three-step method: strategy, design, and implementation 

diagram strategy design implementation process


Leveraging our management consulting roots, we help companies define effective business strategies and goals.


Through design thinking, we translate these into value-driven, technical implementation plans.


With a focus on Agile and pragmatic consulting practices, Neal offers flexible engagement models using proven frameworks ,patterns and design to drive your initiative from concept to solid business value.

End-to-end services

To support this approach Neal has developed a unique set of competencies across these three engagement pillars with complementary consulting practices that enable us to provide truly end-to-end data-driven business transformation services:

  • Business and data strategy
  • Cloud migration and modernization
  • Data estate architecture and engineering
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Developer and ML operations (DevOps, MLOps)
  • Application development, both traditional and low or no-code
  • Business Intelligence dashboarding and reporting
  • Robotic process automation including self-service chatbots and workflow automation
Neal Analytics areas of expertise trifecta diagram

How we do it (our approach)

At Neal, we believe that a successful engagement is made possible by combining three connected elements:





Exceptional individuals working as a structured, yet flexible, team is paramount for any data-driven initiative to succeed. At Neal, our people always place delivering measurable business results for our customers first. We believe that each engagement is unique and the complementary skills we bring into every project enable us to best adapt to each customer’s situation and budget. 

If, as the saying goes, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, then we can proudly say that our people represent the full toolbox. The Neal team comes equipped with deep expertise and a range of experience, ensuring that we have the best tools to tackle each challenge. 

To support this, Neal Analytics fosters a culture of technical expertise, cooperation, ownership, and personal growth. Our employees say it best: Neal offers an environment where people are exposed to the coolest technologies around, where everyone is eager to help – regardless of their team and level in the hierarchy. This is a place where employees can drive customer deliverables end-to-end from day one and where anyone can grow their career through continuous upskilling and a flexible internal job application policy. 


As an early key player in the AI and ML space, Neal has been able to develop practices, templates and patterns to maximize return on digital transformation projects.

In each new engagement, we bring nearly 10 years of organizational experience and hundreds of years of collective  cloud, data, and AI experience to ensure we build on the patterns and practices we know works, while adapting them to each customer’s own needs.


If every engagement is different, especially in the AI field, it does not mean everything needs to be recreated from scratch each time.

Our philosophy is to build solutions that combine the best cloud, data, and AI platforms such as Microsoft Azure, with existing templates, connectors and accelerators available on the market, or that we have built throughout the years, to provide the right level of customization to truly fit the customer’s needs.

These three elements are then operationalized in a way that adapts to the customer unique needs and business strategy and philosophy. To provide the best fit for every customer, we offer a flexible engagement and delivery model.

Flexible engagement and delivery models

To adapt to our customer’s vision, philosophy, and data analytics maturity, we offer several engagement models:

  • Project-based: A statement of work defines both the deliverables and timeline
  • Managed capacity: A monthly retainer on a multi-disciplinary and adaptable team using short Agile sprints to continuously deliver visible business results
  • Staff augmentation: When customers want to leverage our competence to complement or augment their growing team.
  • Managed services: When a service is outsourced for Neal to manage on the customer’s behalf
  • Or a combination of these as the engagement and the customer’s own team evolve over time.

Why we do it (our values)

Why ``Neal``?

Neal is a masculine surname of Gaelic origin. The name is anglicized from Niall, derived from words meaning cloud, passionate, or champion.

Those words are at the core of what the Neal team strives for every day.

Values: VITE!

The world is changing fast! Our values align with the skillset -- and mindset -- needed to help our customers transform successfully in this innovative, data-driven environment.

Neal needs to be quick and agile, which is why we chose VITE (meaning "quick" in French) to capture our values.

Vision. Impact. Teamwork. Excellence.


We value the ability to see beyond the obvious, to interpret sometime seemingly disconnected trends to build a vision of where the technology and business evolution will impact the future of work in all organizations.


We thrive on delivering visible and measurable results for our customers. We prioritize and make decision to maximize the positive impact our work has on our clients’ business and lives. We are self-directed while also being able to fall in line and execute against tight timelines.


We know that the big business and technology problems we face will need a team of complementary talents to work as closely as possible, to over-communicate the good and the bad (and sometimes the ugly) early, to put our ego aside and always put the client and team success first. We’re not afraid to ask for help and feedback, we love giving it, and “I don’t know” or “I can do better” are phrases we expect to hear from everyone.


Our clients are relying on our work to help transform their businesses so they continue to thrive in this ever-changing environment. To ensure we deliver the level of service they deserve, we hold ourselves to the highest level of quality, competence and efficiency. We are life-long learners that embody a growth mindset by continuously improving and acquiring new skills.

We are Neal Analytics.

Who's doing it (our people)

Dylan Dias

CEO and Co-Founder

Carl Albrecht

Board of Directors

Jim Neuburger

Board of Directors

Michael Spencer

Board of Directors

Greg Gomez

VP of Business Development

Olivier Fontana

VP of Marketing

Sachin Janai

VP of Digital Data & AI

Dale Lamb

VP of Operations

David Brown

Director of Technical Sales

Sean Collins

Director of Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Shelly Kamran

Director of Personnel

David McClellan

Director of Client Services

Ravi Patel

Director of Cloud Services

Zach Perkel

Director of Data Science & Applied AI

Chris Smith

Director of Sales

Edwin Webster

Director of Edge & IoT

Jayson Stemmler

Associate Practice Director of Data Science & Applied AI

Life at Neal

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