Retail & CPG

Increase marketing ROI, optimize your supply chain, increase sales and improve the customer experience by leveraging customer and contextual data

Retail and consumer packaged goods share a similar set of challenges – and solutions.

At Neal Analytics, we help businesses understand their customers, optimize operations, and improve business performance. Our Intelligent Retail and CPG solutions leverage historical transaction, contextual, and consumer data with machine learning and advanced analytics to create actionable insights for your team.

The result? Our custom-built solutions leverage the latest technology to prepare your organization for the future, solve for unique business challenges, and delight customers.

Your business, transformed

We leverage our industry solution accelerators, cloud platform expertise and digital consulting services to help our customers accelerate their business transformation journey while minimizing risk and maximizing value.

Neal Analytics solutions are designed to support one, or several, of the following objectives:

Know your customer

Gain a 360 view of your customer to boost engagement and ROI
> CustomerIQ – AI-driven marketing personalization engine
> Product recommendation

Intelligent supply chain

Reimagine retail

Enhance your capabilities with edge technologies, vision analytics, and the Cloud
> Price optimization
> StockView – Vision AI-driven out-of-stock detection

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Our solutions

financial data analytics

Advanced demand forecasting

Forecast demand more accurately and gain insight into which factors are driving demand. Advanced Demand Forecasting from Neal Analytics helps provide a clear picture of where demand is heading, enabling business decision makers with the information they need to optimize operations and improve performance.


Identify, understand and engage your customers at any point of the buyer’s journey with a unified data platform. CustomerIQ is built to run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, but it can integrate with any CDP. This solution leverages our advanced machine learning models to provide a 360° view of your customer so that you can improve personalization, calculate lifetime value, segment marketing, and enhance their experience.

happy woman buying candy

Price optimization

Pricing products is a challenging part of any retail organization's business. Assigning goods prices that are competitive enough to drive sales with a high enough margin to be profitable is a balancing act that requires constant attention to market trends and an organization's competitors. The Pricing Optimization solution from Neal Analytics leverages AI and Machine Learning to analyze historical pricing, competitor pricing, and how price point impacts rate of sale to determine optimal pricing for goods.

Product recommendation

Stay competitive by personalizing the customer experience in-store and online with our multifaceted product recommendation engine. This solution is customized to your consumers, based on preferences and historical purchases, to help your business strengthen personalized marketing campaigns, provide tailored customer recommendations and identify popular consumer baskets.

man and woman buying wine
man grocery shopping

SKU assortment optimization

Get the right product on every shelf to meet local customer needs and preferences with our SKU Assortment Optimization solution. By analyzing historical sales data, combined with contextual data such as store attributes, location-based data, you’ll gain machine learning-powered insights to personalize and optimize your product assortment for each outlet based on local needs, demographics, purchasing habits, and more.


Empty shelves mean lost sales. When shelves remain out of stock of popular items, it is unlikely customers will ask for help to buy the item, and even if they do, it demonstrates an area the customer experience can be improved – no one likes an unnecessary wait. StockView from Neal Analytics leverages Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge and the Azure platform to enable organizations, such as retail outlets and hospitals, to automatically detect when store shelves or stockrooms run out of items, enabling employees to rapidly restock them.

Immediately detect when an item is out of stock

Trade promotion optimization

Leverage machine learning to measure, manage and optimize your trade promotion spend. Our trade promotion optimization approach is designed to help companies gain insight from historical promotion activities to understand what promotions work, and how you can optimize future promotions for maximum ROI.

SKU Assortment Optimization

Optimize your inventory based on local customer needs and preferences with our SKU Max solution. By processing millions of SKUs and segmenting sales data, you’ll gain machine learning-powered insights to personalize and scale your product assortment for each outlet based on local needs, demographics, purchasing habits, and more.