Tenant-to-tenant Power Platform migration for a leading retailer

Tenant-to-tenant Power Platform migration for a leading retailer


One of Europe’s largest supermarkets wanted to migrate Power Platform assets to a new tenant, but faced significant challenges, especially because they wanted to avoid downtime during the migration. Moreover, the migration of Power Apps and several dashboards required manual effort as large data sets were involved in this migration scenario.


To overcome this challenge, our client, recognizing our expertise with Power Platform, reached out to us for help. The client quickly found we could not only complete the migration without any downtime but on an accelerated timeline.

To meet our client’s requirements for a successful end-to-end migration, we implemented a multi-step process consisting of preparation, pre-migration, migration, and post-migration.

Power platform customer story process

Initially, we comprehensively assessed the existing tenant using PowerShell and Audit logs to understand the environment thoroughly.  During the pre-migration phase, we leveraged automation to download all Power Platform assets and create a copy of workspaces in the target tenant. Then the migration team sets up gateways and data sources in parallel environments, minimizing potential downtime.

In the migration phase, we used automation for reports, and manually created dashboards and apps, ensuring a smooth transition of Power Platform assets.

Finally, we installed data gateways, set up refreshes, and conducted a user acceptance test (UAT) to confirm that everything worked as expected in the post-migration phase.


As an outcome, the client successfully got their migration done with zero downtime. They were able to balance cost against risk and have overall control over the budget and risk management.

We also helped the client with an end-to-end solution for power platform migration leveraging automation, thus eliminating any manual error in the process. The post-UAT feedback from the client was 100% positive, validating the effectiveness of our migration plan.