IoT and Edge computing

Build and scale new and existing solutions

What is IoT and Edge computing?

IoT and Edge computing enable businesses to build and scale new and existing solutions across locations and deeper in their processes. These decentralized solutions offload cloud applications, from the simplest data gathering ones to the most advanced AI ones, and open the door to innovative approaches for hard-to-solve challenges.

Whether they are monitoring simple connected sensors and devices or running advanced AI workloads at the edge, these solutions are a critical element of any company’s digital transformation strategy. However, developing the optimum architecture for any specific business challenge is not always a straightforward path. Options abound and Neal Analytics can help a company objectively assess potential strategies to select the most appropriate ones for their business challenges.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes consumer, embedded, and industrial devices that perform a task or series of task and also connect back to cloud services, applications, or other IoT devices. They include anything from smart sensors to home automation devices, to industrial controllers, to medical devices, and more 

The IoT application range is expanding exponentially and 5G deployment is accelerating it. Although there are many different projections, all point to tens of billions of deployed IoT devices by 2030. 

To successfully build IoT solutions, customers need to go beyond connecting existing or new embedded devices with a server. It is critical to leverage the right platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, to design, deploy, manage, monitor, update and maintain these solutions.  

Neal Analytics can help by providing cloud, data, and AI expertise spanning from the simplest connected sensor to the most advanced cloud application. 

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Edge Computing

Edge computing enables organizations to leverage the power of cloud applications without latency, bandwidth, or connectivity constraints that can impact business operations or impair customer experience. 

Neal Analytics builds custom solutions for its clients that leverage, among others, Azure edge products such as Azure Stack Edge or Azure Stack Hub.  

Azure Stack Edge is a compact industrial form factor to run at the edge simple applications as well as dedicated AI models. Examples of these include Neal’s StockView for Retail and StockView for Healthcare solution, FHIR server open-source code, and more.  

Azure Stack Hub is a powerful and scalable private cloud solution that offers the power and flexibility of the Azure platform on-premises for sensitive applications across industries such as healthcare, financial, or manufacturing, to name a few. For instance, Neal Analytics worked with the Microsoft Azure team to port and open source the Project InnerEye code on Azure Stack Hub. 

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People detector

Azure Percept

Azure Percept, formerly known as “Project Santa Cruz”, is a hardware plus software platform developed by Microsoft to accelerate the development and deployment of AI at the edge. 

Neal Analytics participated in the development of the open-source pre-built models and is therefore ideally positioned to help customer design, customize, and deploy Azure Perceptbased solutions. From people detection (see animation left), to produce detection, Azure Percept uses cases are limitless.  

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