Optimize Enterprise IoT system performance and make more informed decisions

Optimize Enterprise IoT system performance and make more informed decisions

The need for IoT

According to Fortune Business Insights, the IoT market will exhibit a CAGR of 26.4% through 2029. For many industries, Internet of Things (IoT) represents a considerable opportunity to derive deeper insights from data.

IoT refers to a network of devices and systems, such as sensors, connected machines, and wearable devices, that can collect, transmit and analyze data for various use cases. An example of a few use cases includes asset tracking, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and more. IoT has transformed analytics parameters by providing real-time information, remote monitoring, and automation capabilities.

What is IoT analytics?

IoT analytics is collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Insights from the data help evaluate the performance of IoT systems, identify patterns and trends, and make more informed decisions. Further, it can optimize IoT systems, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and drive new business opportunities.

Benefits of leveraging IoT analytics

According to the source, the number of connected IoT devices is expected to grow by 18% globally. This benefits the organization by providing a vast amount of data for analysis. With more data, organizations can enable in-depth insights into operations and make more informed decisions. Additionally, many IoT devices can provide a more comprehensive view of a particular process or system, allowing for more accurate predictions and proactive problem-solving. Overall, the growth in the number of IoT devices can help organizations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

IoT analytics tools can help understand the continuous stream of structured, unstructured, and time series data produced by connected devices so businesses can understand historical data and predict future outcomes. Industries or organizations use IoT analytics solutions to track the performance of machinery, provide predictive maintenance recommendations, and better understand unique data related to their devices, such as temperature, motion, sound, and more.

Gartner research IoT Analytics

Source: Gartner – What Makes IoT Analytics Different 

IoT Analytics in 30 days solution assessment with Neal Analytics

benefits of IoT Analytics

Neal’s IoT Analytics in 30 days offer is designed to help your organization seize the benefits of a secure, Azure-based IoT analytics platform within 30 days. We achieve this by leveraging Microsoft-provided tools alongside consulting methodologies & accelerators that we have curated over more than ten years of customer engagements on the Azure platform.​

This offer allows customers to work with expert consultants to analyze their current environment & IoT devices and deploy the required architecture for advanced analytics workloads using the best practices for IoT. Neal consultants will also help customers understand how their teams can start using Azure IoT to solve device problems and manage IoT on a larger scale.

Additionally, this offer helps with the following:​

  • Allow for custom design and demonstration of an IoT use case within the landing zone​
  • Customize based on the device target brought to the initial discovery workshop or customize based on the series of templates already used​
  • Entail a period of knowledge transfer to get your team up and running on development using the assets in the landing zone​
  • Contain options for follow-up work​
  • Be delivered by expert resources certified in Azure, IoT, Edge & Analytics​

By the 30th business day, Neal will deliver a landing zone for IoT data using Azure’s efficient, flexible, and secure infrastructure. The landing zone enables the analysis of data and the creation of additional tools and assets that operate outside the IoT infrastructure.

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