Sneak peek: Fractal & Neal’s solutions at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

Sneak peek: Fractal & Neal’s solutions at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

The National Retail Federation’s Big Show is coming up in a little under two weeks! From January 15-17, NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show will take place at the Javits Convention Center in New York City!

NRF 2023 provides industry leaders and retail solution providers like Fractal and Neal Analytics to discuss current challenges, recent innovations, and new ways to drive revenue or solve problems.

This year, Microsoft invited Fractal and Neal to join them at booth #4503 to demonstrate a selection of modern solutions designed to help retailers and CPG firms. It will allow them to conduct more accurate demand planning, achieve greater marketing personalization, generate more revenue from e-commerce, and enable more efficient production yields.

Solutions demonstrated at the NRF 

We will be demonstrating the four following solutions: Asper, Customer Genomics, Production Yield Optimization, and Retail Media Networks. You can learn more about these solutions by reading below or clicking here.


Asper logoAsper is a purpose-built AI SAAS product enabling interconnected autonomous decisions for Enterprises. Our Dynamic Demand AI is designed specifically for Demand Forecasting at Retail and Consumer Goods companies, leveraging over 20 years of experience solving such problems for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. It blends intelligent AI-based recommendations with collaborative, automated workflows to improve demand sensing consistently, drive top-line growth and minimize working capital costs. Ready to unlock your revenue growth?

Customer Genomics

Customer Genomics logoCustomer Genomics integrates enterprise, geo-location, and open social media data to deliver personalized and contextual offers in real-time on mobile devices.

Production Yield Optimization

Project Bonsai logoProduction Yield Optimization (PYO) is a pragmatic and proven Autonomous System solution that enables CPG firms to optimize extruders, robotic, chemical, and other production processes using advanced AI built with the Microsoft Project Bonsai toolchain.

Retail Media Networks

Retail media networks logoThrough Retail Media Networks 360 (RMN), Fractal’s team of retail industry experts help retailers build and operate a more real-time and AI-powered platform to effectively monetize digital channels.  It is built on strong data foundation principles and drives engagement and revenue from advertisers by offering a solution that is self-service, offers more targeted audience segmentation and selection, campaign performance, reporting, and advanced measurement techniques for potential campaign uplift.  This solution has helped significantly uplift our client’s annual sales.

Attending NRF and would like to meet us? Simply find us at the Microsoft booth or contact us to book a meeting time.