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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence!

Transforming your business with data since 2011

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Neal Analytics. It’s a milestone worth celebrating!

A decade ago, Neal was a handful of employees in Seattle. Now, we’re an infrastructure, data & AI, and digital & app innovation Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 300 employees across the US, Canada, and India.

The excitement of this industry never gets old. From the first implementation of Azure Machine Learning to the first deployment of Project Bonsai, Neal has been a key Microsoft Partner at the forefront cloud, data, and AI solutions.

It’s been an incredible journey for Neal Analytics. Thank you to all our customers and partners for taking this adventure with us. We look forward to our next fantastic 10 years!

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Our iconic projects

What makes an iconic project? These are some of the “firsts” in Neal Analytics history – the first big project, the first time using technology, the first award.

Neal's top 10 technologies

Achieving a ten-year anniversary is a significant milestone worth celebrating for any company, and we’re excited to share the top 10 technologies that have paved the path to our success!

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Microsoft Solutions Partner

MSFT Solutions Partner - Infrastructure Azure
MSFT Solutions Partner - Data AI Azure
MSFT Solutions Partner - Digital & App Innovation Azure

Neal HQ

Neal Analytics’ headquarters are located in Bellevue. Our office is a stone’s throw away from Microsoft, enabling us to partner closely with a variety of Microsoft teams and engineers to deliver new solutions to customers.

A growing team

Neal Analytics has grown significantly over the last 10 years. With a team across the world, we’re able to deliver projects on time, in spec, and on budget.

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