Unplanned shutdown prevention at major natural gas producer

Unplanned shutdown prevention at major natural gas producer


  • Gas well failure events result in significant lost natural gas production
  • Limited visibility into potential causes of website shutdowns
  • Maintenance planning lacks a complete view of asset health

natural gas unplanned shutdown solutions


  • Leveraged sensor signals to classify the condition of well, gas lift compressors, saltwater disposal pumps, heater treaters, and other well pad devices.
  • Created data features that capture recent device behavior
  • Identified “Normal” and “Pre-Shutdown status for good pads
  • Key data inputs included:
    • Facility pad configuration
    • Unscheduled Maintenance records
    • Operational Data
    • PAD/Device level data
    • Ambient weather condition
    • Facility downtime information

natural gas unplanned shutdown results


  • Detected potential shutdowns within a 12-72 hour window to allow preventative maintenance action
  • Developed approach to increase well production through unscheduled downtime prediction
  • Created ROI methodology for retrofitting sensors on legacy well pads