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Since 2011, Neal has supported organizations undergoing data-driven transformations through varied offerings and initiatives across virtually all industries, from data strategy to solution design and execution. 

To help customers get started, Neal has created offers for many of our most popular solutions and services. These offers, listed below, have been designed to help organizations reach their goals by leveraging proven, highly repeatable methodologies to enable quick wins and a rapid time to value.

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Advanced demand forecasting workshop

Understand the impacts of internal and external factors to optimize forecasting and build more nuanced sales strategies.

Managed Service: End to end data estate modernization

The data estate modernization managed service is calibrated to fit the size and skillset requirements of your project. Let us do the heavy lifting to help you modernize with Agile development, proven architectures, and a team of experts.

CustomerIQ implementation

Identify, understand, and engage your customers at any point of the buyer’s journey with a unified data platform capable of integrating with any CDP. CustomerIQ enables AI-powered churn prediction, customer lifetime value forecasting, and personalization.

Data modernization in a month (DMIM)

Neal's DMIM program enables organizations to spin up a fully functional cloud database on Microsoft Azure in 30 days or less.

FHIR Service on Azure: 6-week implementation

Azure API for FHIR provides organizations with a quick and secure way to share protected health information in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Intelligent Edge Retail Experience briefing

Intelligent Edge solutions powered by Azure Stack Edge enable retail organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure services on-premises, reducing solution latency and reliance on constant internet connectivity.

SKU Assortment Optimization implementation

Increase sales by dynamically tailoring and optimizing your inventory according to local customer needs to put the right products on the right shelf across your business.

StockView for Retail

StockView helps retailers increase sales volumes and improve customer service by leveraging computer vision to detect gaps on store shelves and provide notifications to employees about stock-outs.

Trade Promotion Optimization implementation

Leverage previous sales data to predict future promotion performance with machine learning.

Business Intelligence & Automation offers

Analytics and workflow automation for our customers’ critical business processes to help enable better insights and visibility.

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two businessmen in meeting with text "Power BI Adoption & Readiness Assessment"

Power BI Adoption & Readiness Assessment

Not sure if you’re ready for Power BI? We can help with our Power BI Adoption and Readiness Assessment!

Our team can assess your technical architecture, current business intelligence reporting capacity, and help envision your solution build-out and adoption.

businessman with tablet showing cloud icon

Cloud Business Intelligence

Neal’s Cloud Business Intelligence offer provides a visioning and planning session to help determine the scope and effort of migrating on-premises business intelligence and data warehouse implementations to the cloud.

Computer screen with data report and text "Power BI Rapid Prototyping Sessions"

Power BI Rapid Prototyping Session

The Rapid Prototyping Session is designed as a quick 2-hour working session to help you leverage customer data to build visual analytics reports with metrics and KPIs to drive business growth.

To demonstrate powerful business insights, we need to understand when and how to use data points and visuals.

Cloud and data reports with text "Power BI Architecture Assessment"

Power BI Technical Architecture Assessment

Power BI Technical Architecture Assessment at Neal Analytics is designed as special one-week customized engagement that provides an accurate assessment of your PBI technical architecture according to your organization’s PBI maturity. This will help you manage and scale your Power BI usage.

Factors that can be evaluated for your business growth are Tenant Administration, Security, Access Management, Release Management, Data Source Model Design and Availability, Capacity Performance, Support, and Stabilization.

Man plans data strategy and roadmap on whiteboard

Data Strategy Assessment & Roadmapping Workshop

Does your data tell you everything you’d like it to?

Organizations looking to gain more insights from their data and enhance their reporting capabilities should consider participating in our Data Strategy Assessment and Roadmapping workshop.

During this workshop, Neal will work with stakeholders to understand the desired reporting capabilities, assess the current state of the organization’s data environment, review its fit for enabling reporting, and develop recommendations and a roadmap for enabling the organization’s vision for future reporting capabilities.

Tachometer rpm gauge with text "Power BI Performance Assessment"

Power BI Performance Assessment

Neal Analytics’ Power BI Performance Assessment helps businesses maximize Power BI Premium capacities. This in-depth benchmarking assessment is performed by our Business Intelligence practice in which a team will analyze your capacity instance and provide recommendations aimed at alleviating reporting load and removing bottlenecks.

data report on laptop and text Power BI UI UX Assessment and Redesign

Power BI UI/UX Design Assessment and Redesign Session

Quality UI/UX design in Power BI is essential for driving user adoption, alignment with organizational goals, and user efficiency.

Our Power BI UI/UX Design Assessment and Redesign sessions are business-focused workshops designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the elements and best practices supporting good UI/UX design.

data analytics illustration with text Power BI Premium Capabilities Assessment

Power BI Premium Capabilities Assessment

Power BI Premium Capabilities Assessments are ideal for organizations considering upgrading from Power BI Pro to Power BI Premium but aren’t sure whether the additional investment is justified.

Neal Analytics designed these assessments to provide a technical briefing overview and benefits of moving to Power BI Premium. They typically cover benefits specific to group operations, deployment pipelines, scaling, insights, multi-geo, data certification, and data marts.

man points to big data icon with text "Microsoft Purview Deployment Benefits Workshop"

Microsoft Purview Deployment Benefits Workshop

Microsoft Purview Deployment Benefits workshops offered by Neal Analytics provide an understanding of the benefits of Microsoft Purview and enabling data governance in business. It gives essential insights into the technical aspects of data governance programs and the typical implementation scope, timeline, and cost involved.

Data analytics on computer screen with text "Structured Migration Workshops"

Structured Migration Workshop

A Structured Migration Workshops at Neal Analytics is designed to help organizations understand how migrating from legacy reporting tools helps enable corporate and self-service reporting to scale the business and drive faster ROI.

Unlike legacy reporting tools, it unlocks new dashboarding capabilities like interactive visuals, a fast-learning curve for in-house development, fast and iterative development and deployment, simple access control, and low entry cost.

Data Science & Applied AI offers

Reveal trends, uncover patterns, and produce insights to impower business decisions and growth.

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Call center employees with text "Call volume forecasting"

Customer Call Volume Forecasting

Increase customer satisfaction and improve staff planning by reducing your call center expected response time after major weather events with Neal Analytics’ Customer Call Volume Forecasting engine.

Electric truck with text "Fleet Electrification"

Fleet Electrification

Of the multiple and complementary strategies to decrease a company carbon footprint, electrifying existing fleets, transitioning power generation or power sources to carbon-neutral or carbon-negative sources are impactful but complex to deploy.

To be successful, companies will need to optimize the strategy based on competing objectives and (evolving) technological, economic, and regulatory constraints.

Neal Analytics has built tools, using the latest AI technologies and platforms, to evaluate and optimize different strategies given a set of constraints and determine the best path forward to meet your goals.

Bill Integrity Automation image

Bill Integrity Automation

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce time spent rectifying utility billing errors by avoiding them in the first place.

Bill Integrity Automation leverages machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and flag abnormal meter readings, allowing organizations to correct potential errors before the next billing cycle.

tablet with bar chart and text "Advanced Forecasting"

Advanced Forecasting

Forecasting is a core business process across industries and functions. From product demand to financial planning, marketing, operations, and sales accurate forecasting is both a must have and, when done well, a competitive advantage.

To improve forecasting accuracy, granularity, and timeliness, Neal has developed an end-to-end customizable solution that starts from the definition of the business goals and covers the data management, algorithms selection and operationalization aspects.

Our Advanced Forecasting solution can help you achieve rapid, accurate forecasting at scale with Azure-based machine learning and automated pipelines.​

Offer Targeting image

Offer Targeting

Offer Targeting from Neal Analytics is designed to help retailers sell more to customers by leveraging AI and machine learning models to create customized offers designed to drive additional customer purchases.

Delivered through email and website ads, these customized offers are created leveraging customer data like the customer’s shopping history with AI and machine learning models designed to identify products and incentives most likely to result in a customer purchase. 

Edge & IoT offers

Robust edge-to-cloud architectures that unlock insights and drive operational efficiencies.

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IoT Analysis in 30 days image 2

IoT Analysis in 30 Days

Our IoT Analysis in 30 Days offering enables organizations to accelerate the time to value. Acceleration is achieved by leveraging best practices to implement an IoT platform on Azure using a flexible and scalable architecture and deploying landing zones for connecting and managing edge gateways and IoT devices.

Security camera with text "Explore Vision AI with Edge Video Analytics in 30 Days"

Edge Video Analytics in 30 Days

Edge Video Analytics in 30 Days is ideal for organizations curious about whether Vision AI solutions are right for them. As a part of this offer, organizations will work with AI consultants from Neal to analyze use cases and leverage Neal’s proven methodology to implement an AI-enabled Proof of Concept in just 30 days.

At the end of this engagement, the organization should have a functional POC designed to justify additional investment to move the solution to a pilot phase before further refining the solution for production rollout.

Tablet in factory with text "Plan for future IoT usage with an IoT Assessment"

IoT Assessment

Neal’s IoT Assessment is designed to help organizations scale IoT usage by assessing your key IoT platforms to develop a detailed future-state architecture, roadmap, and implementation plan.  

This in-depth 30-day assessment covers key IoT platform design vectors including goals & constraints, operating environment conditions, data sources, and the current/future workload portfolio. 

Electronics with text overlay "Ask an IoT Expert"

Ask an IoT Expert

Ask an IoT Expert offer is designed to give you an opportunity to join a free 30-minute session with an expert Azure IoT Specialist to resolve your implementation struggles, pain points and complicated error scenarios.

Experts come prepared with a wealth of knowledge and can provide key resources and insights regarding common industry patterns.

Intelligent Customer Solutions

Improve customer experience, loyalty, and corporate branding through integrated cloud marketing strategies and analysis.

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Two sellers discuss personalization optimization with a customer

Personalization Optimization

Personalization is a powerful tool for driving sales, but most CEOs feel their company could do better.

Our Personalization Optimization offer is designed to help organizations improve their marketing personalization regardless of whether they have short, medium, or long sales cycles (or a blend of all three).

Improved personalization is achieved by working with the customer to understand their current data environment, including their data estate architecture, technology blend, and the customer data being captured, as well as their desired goals. Neal Analytics will then use this information to create a roadmap for achieving superior marketing personalization results using the best technologies for the customer’s use case, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Customer Genomics, Machine Learning, and more.

man reads customer data visuals

CDP Optimization Accelerator

CDPs can be used for much more than push marketing and personalization. Neal Analytics connects zero-party, customer service, and high value customers sentiment data to drive real insights. Those insights will help drive product and service competitiveness.

Custom CDP Solution Accelerator

Building the data lake for your Customer Data Platform (CDP) can seem daunting. That’s why we created our Custom CDP Solution Accelerator! We provide the data models, ETL pipelines, and expertise to quickly build your CDP data lake.

Our solution is designed to deliver value in 30 days or less so you can dive into the fun stuff: advanced analytics, custom reporting, improved recommendations, and personalization for your customers. This data lake can be integrated into existing CDP platforms (such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) or be used for custom reporting.

Loyalty card and text "Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for loyalty programs management"

Loyalty Program Cost Optimization with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Loyalty programs are a key element in any comprehensive customer experience improvement initiative. Building the required IT infrastructure to support those programs and operating them effectively by ensuring their cost are minimized and their financial management follows accounting best practices can easily become a complex and expensive technological challenge.

Neal can help you accelerate the development and deployment of a loyalty program by extending Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (CI) capabilities.

Building on CI core feature set, extensibility, and Neal Analytics recognized CI expertise (2021 Microsoft Customer Insights Partner of the Year nominee), we can help you bring your loyalty program to market faster, ensure its effectiveness, and provide cost governance from the flexible CI platform.

"Audience" written on whiteboard with text "Personalized customer journey orchestration on Dynamics 365"

Personalized customer journey orchestration on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Many customers want to reinforce their messages and money-saving offers for their customers at each touchpoint. Still, with the proliferation of digital channels and touchpoints, customer journeys are no longer linear, making it almost impossible to predict how and when customers will engage with you next.

Leveraging journey orchestration software coupled with a CDP can enable companies to provide their customers with a unified customer experience across all channels, providing them with the information most relevant to them when they engage, regardless of channel or means of engagement.

We designed our Personalized customer journey orchestration on Dynamics 365 offering to help organizations understand how a platform approach to customer journey orchestration leveraging Dynamics 365 and Customer Insights is the best for enabling a unified customer experience across all channels.

Man stands with victory pose shadow and text "Dynamics 365 Customer Insights trial instance"

Customer Insights Trial

Organizations want to understand the behavior and needs of their customers. Understanding customer behavior and needs allow organizations to achieve greater personalization in marketing and advertising, leading to more and larger purchases.

Microsoft’s CDP can help analyze customer data and compares customer profiles to other profiles to derive insights about customer behavior, interests, and what they may be interested in purchasing or what might help drive an additional purchase. These kinds of insights enable the organization to create offers that are tailored to each unique customer.

We can help organizations try out Microsoft’s CDP by standing up a test instance using your data in just 2 days. A test instance allows you to test the platform with your customer data and helps you make an informed decision.

Interlocking gears with text "Federated DevOps: Standardize DevOps processes organization-wide"

Federated DevOps

DevOps enables organizations to quickly build and deploy high-quality applications, but scaling out DevOps organization-wide can be unexpectedly challenging. Individual teams often have different needs and requirements, leading to different and potentially conflicting implementations of DevOps if teams are left to implement DevOps on their own.

We designed the Federated DevOps offer to help organizations implement and scale DevOps organization-wide by leveraging accelerators and frameworks designed to measure, automate, and standardize DevOps processes across teams.

Federated DataOps offer

Federated DataOps

DataOps is essential in delivering data analytics at scale with speed, agility, and quality. Every data management strategy should include DataOps at its core since it’s designed to enable citizen developers and support Data Governance while decreasing friction during collaboration and driving ROI from data and analytics investments. The problem with most DataOps processes, however, is that it is difficult to scale organization-wide due to the different needs and requirements of different teams within an organization.

We crafted the Federated DataOps offer to help organizations implement DataOps organization-wide by leveraging a framework designed to standardize DataOps organization-wide while accounting for and accommodating the needs of every team across the organization. Scaling DataOps in this manner helps to reduce friction when collaborating and drives a greater ROI on development projects.

Robotic hand points to blue data illustration. Text banner "Federated MLOps: Standardize MLOps processes organization-wide"

Federated MLOps

MLOps delivers a great number of benefits for organizations seeking to get more out of their Machine Learning initiatives by reducing costs, enabling more models to move to production, and a reduced time to value for new solutions. Organizations seeking to leverage MLOps, however, may find that various teams will implement MLOps differently based on their own unique needs and challenges, which can lead to inconsistent quality and friction across teams.

We designed the Federated MLOps offer to provide customers with consulting services and our AI Factory solution accelerator to empower them to standardize MLOps across the entire organization.