Sailaja Karthikeyan

Sailaja is a passionate data junkie and loves to layer business acumen with data backed insights. She has seven years of experience across diverse sectors of commercial, technology, banking, and retail. Through her work at Neal, Citibank and Fidelity she has solved business problems across organizations of varying scale and complexity. She has explored and grown across various roles of Business Analyst, Statistical Modeler, Marketing Research Analyst and Data Scientist. She loves exploring and connecting with clients on explaining and predicting customer behavior across lifecycle stages and juxtapose customer value with right mode of targeting. She’s extremely passionate about Data Mining and Marketing Research and loves learning new techniques and tools. She has an MBA majoring in Marketing and extensive experience in doing Marketing analytics and Risk Management. When not in “Data Land”, she loves spending time with her 3-year-old son and exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

  • M.B.A. – Marketing & Finance IIT Kanpur