How Neal Analytics Boosted Big Beverage in Mexico

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Companies of every size and scale have their own internal metrics and data points from past sales and expenses, but few have the technical capabilities and insights to truly put that information to good use.

In the case of Arca Continental, a major beverage manufacturer in Mexico, there was plenty of information about specific sales figures in different markets at various points throughout a given quarter, but actually translating that data into actionable intelligence was a major shortcoming for a company operating in an increasingly competitive industry.

In an effort to marry their internal figures with external knowledge, Arca Continental employed the team at Neal Analytics to better shape their understanding of customer preferences, sales trends, and the variables that impact sales on any given day.

Using a simple solution to surface data combined with data science and Microsoft Azure ML, Neal Analytics was able to identify market forces from basic demographic information all the way to the impact of weather on their sales to present rich, contextual data analysis to better focus Arca’s marketing efforts.

Better yet, the team at Neal Analytics was able to provide this information in straightforward, presentable Excel sheets so the revenue growth managers at Arca can spend more time focusing on business strategies rather than analysis and hypotheticals.

Utilizing Big Data and Analysis (BD&A) hasn’t just transformed the Arca sales process – it’s had a ripple effect throughout the entire company. Ruben Dario Torres Martinez, IT Manager for Arca Continental, suggests that this new insight is helping inform how his company collects and manages its own data.

“Over time, this advanced analytics solution with its statistical approach to big data will transform the way we take business decisions through all business processes, from manufacturing, warehousing and logistics up to sales and promotions,” Torres Martinez said.

The potential applications of BD&A are nearly endless, with variables expanding into every market segment, demographic, and external factor imaginable having a considerable impact across a company’s entire process. As a leader in data analysis and providing actionable intelligence to countless partners, Neal Analytics is uniquely suited to putting your company’s data to work. Contact our team for a consultation or to learn more about our capabilities.

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