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Gaming and platform expertise

Running online games can be challenging in today’s fast-paced environment. With so much content competing for players’ attention, gaming organizations need to not only maintain a steady pace of innovation but leverage highly personalized content to drive and maintain user engagement.

Neal can help gaming companies solve these challenges and keep their edge by better understanding their customers, enabling better ad and promotion personalization, and providing end-to-end gaming support.

Run your games as a service

Running games in the cloud presents the opportunity for organizations to leverage Games as a Service (GaaS).

GaaS enables a continuous revenue model where gaming organizations can monetize video games even after the initial sales or support free-to-play operations.

Gaming experts at Neal can help organizations implement GaaS by using Azure PlayFab LiveOps, a solution designed to help drive engagement and retention, simplify content management and payment processing, and enable rapid experimentation.

Know your customer

Better, more personalized in-game offers can lead to more efficient campaigns and greater revenues. By understanding their customers, gaming organizations can add to their bottom line with more engaging in-game offers tailored to the individual player.

By leveraging solutions like Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, PlayFab, and Azure Machine Learning, Neal Gaming can help organizations understand their players and drive game personalization. These solutions can facilitate the integration of diverse data sources, unification, and profiling of your customers.

End-to-end gaming

Implementing new gaming services or solutions can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when an organization needs to hire and ramp up new skillsets to conduct the implementation.

Neal specializes in helping organizations achieve rapid time-to-value by managing high-value gaming projects from end to end.

The gaming experts at Neal possess the competency and capability to support an organization’s entire gaming lifecycle—everything from the initial game concept to the final game launch.

Neal Staffing can also support existing projects by leveraging nearly a decade of staffing experience to provide highly sought-after skillsets for gaming endeavors.

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