A Big Time Was Had at Retail’s BIG Show 2015

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Neal Analytics was among the visionary leaders demonstrating innovative products at NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO in New York this month. In fact, Neal Analytics partnered with FreedomPay to help retailers deliver personalized incentives and value-added services to customers through connected POS devices on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

A Big Welcome
At the invitation of Microsoft, Greg Gomez, VP Sales and David Brown, Solution Sales Director of Neal Analytics showed potential clients how the new Azure Machine Learning service brings the power of predictive analytics to companies of all sizes.

A Big Demonstration
At the conference, Greg and David demonstrated integration with the FreedomPay secure payment platform to show how Azure Machine Learning can drive real-time, personalized offers and promotions to customers while they are in the checkout line; and exhibit their Decision Profit Model which empowers retail and consumer goods decision-makers with better visibility and control of profit-driving variables across their business through predictive analytics and advance modeling techniques.

A Big Opportunity
With Microsoft and FreedomPay, Neal Analytics offers retailers a way to reinvent their checkout experience by driving more customer interaction and engagement at the point of sale. Merchants can now give their customers targeted recommendations based on purchase activity and shopper profiles when they use secure transaction data from the FreedomPay platform and real-time algorithmic prediction on the cloud from Neal Analytics.

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