Why Move to the Cloud?

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Data Warehousing is moving to the cloud for a lot compelling reasons and it may be time for your company to explore a migration of your data warehouse to the cloud or if your building one for your organization to start there. In fact, for most enterprises, a cloud-based Data Warehouse has a better chance of handling your future requirements than even a well-financed on premise asset. All organizations are a little different in terms of their objectives, constraints and aspiration for data warehousing and applied data science. Cloud based data warehousing generally offers more security, stability at much more flexible costs then on premises alternatives.

Microsoft Azure has high standards for privacy, reliability and scalability embedded deeply into its development process from the very beginning. These qualities are achieved by design and rigorous engineering methodology leveraged from Microsoft’s experience in building enterprise software and running some of the world’s largest online services. Microsoft took full advantage of this experience when creating Azure giving them world class service for online data warehousing. Microsoft’s engineering work helps ensure that Azure’s infrastructure is resilient to attack; its protocols safeguard user access to the Azure environment, and helps keep customer data secure through encrypted communications as well as threat management and mitigation practices. Scalability traditionally is a challenge for data warehouses, especially those with regulatory, seasonal or end-of-period peak loads. Load variance is oftentimes difficult for on premises data warehouses to expediently handle most of the time will lead to expensive overcapacity. Having your data warehousing in the cloud allows clients to adjust their bandwidth in a matter of minutes rather than weeks, the warehouse is also capable of scaling with the company rather than requiring expensive upgrades after each new stage of development.

For most companies pivoting away from on premises data warehousing is the best and most cost-effective solution to data warehousing needs. More and more it takes a degree of specialization to keep data safe from various security threats and other potential dangers, as part of a service it is both easier and cheaper for the Data Warehousing Service to handle specialized tasks such as online security. Scalability and flexibility is almost always greater with online services as oppose to the alternatives this flexibility can save clients’ money from overcapacity. With all these considerations, the cost of migrating to the cloud may be high initially but the costs once the transfer is complete is perfectly predictable, utilizing a pay as you go process.