Our Methodology

Consulting firms have varying degrees of engagement they utilize to maximize their value within their client-base, and Neal Analytics focuses on providing just enough consulting to get the job done successfully. To this end, we have developed expertise in certain industries we utilize to accelerate engagements. We’ve built asset-based frameworks and packages that allow us to engage and drive value more rapidly with our consulting engagements. We’ve developed competencies in areas that allow us to drive more value in our customers through the existing business motions they have, and we’ve built an expertise in knowledge transfer of data science and machine learning capabilities to our customers. We focus on driving value tangibly in all of our engagements, and we’re eager to see how we can help.

Practice Expertise and Differentiation

Management Consulting Perspective

  • Help define the business questions for which analytics, AI, and automation can have the best impact on operations and profit
  • Help companies move beyond ‘islands of insight’ to ‘enterprises of insight’

Data Engineering and Insight Engineering

  • Hard-won expertise around ‘data wrangling’
  • Sophisticated data science, including mathematics, sound inference and limitations
  • Relationships with complementary service providers, data vendors, and Microsoft’s Azure engineering

Expertise to put insights into production

  • SI services to integrate analytically-rich functionality into mission-critical applications
  • Attention to security, DR, change-control, robustness and scalability by design
  • Service offerings for end-users as well as for ISV’s who want to extend/enrich their analytics offerings

Solid Mastery of the Microsoft Azure® ‘tool chain’

  • Data ingestion, initial and permanent data storage, analytics – the substance of exploring and inference
  • Reporting, eventing, messaging, mobility, BI, dashboards and visualization – the communication of insight

Operational experience as a SaaS provider

  • Profitable operations at scale in partnership with vertical industry domain experts
  • Planning services for MSFT business partners who want to augment their offerings with SaaS revenue