Press Release: Neal Analytics creates chatbot for the City of Atlanta

BELLEVUE, Wash., June 28, 2018 — Neal Analytics, Microsoft’s leading advanced analytics and digital transformation partner, announced today that it has created a chatbot for the City of Atlanta. Having previously completed advanced analytics work with Atlanta PD and the city’s other departments, Neal Analytics was again approached to digitally transform the city’s 311 help center.

56 agents at the City of Atlanta field an average of 40,000 calls per month via its 311 helpline. Each call averages seven and a half minutes, leading the City of Atlanta to seek a way to address individual concerns faster and cut down on the hours their agents spend on the phones each month.

With the City of Atlanta website averaging 55,000 page views and 15,000 users per month but only completing 1,800 service requests, the city recognized an opportunity to better serve its citizens. While self-service through the website will never truly replace a human being, the chatbot offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience for would-be callers.

The City of Atlanta anticipates the chatbot to address 5% of all service requests during the first year of operation with increasing usage over time. In order for the chatbot to effectively replace the need for a phone call, it must handle a broad set of potential use cases in a timely manner. To accomplish this, the chatbot is powered by a vast library of over 1,100 knowledge-based articles that answer community questions ranging from bill pay to renter regulations, including the top 20 most common use cases.

Currently, the chatbot is able to serve over 66% of all users and averages 50 seconds per issue resolved, saving over six minutes per request compared its call center counterpart. Thanks to machine learning, the chatbot continues to improve with each user interaction. For all requests it cannot serve, the chatbot will quickly direct users to call 311 directly for further assistance.

Due to the learning nature of the chatbot, the longer it operates the more effective it becomes. As it records more issues and data points from the citizens of Atlanta, the chatbot’s accuracy will improve, reducing the time needed to correctly answer users’ questions.


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