Neal Analytics Doubles Down on Azure Machine Learning Bet with Big Data Hires

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Neal Analytics, the rapidly-growing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning partner and data science solution integrator, recently doubled down on its extensive bet on the Azure Machine Learning technology suite through a series of go-deep hires in the areas of Big Data, biomedical data science, litigation analytics, and traditional Business Intelligence integration. Cindy Gross, a former member of the customer advisory team and renowned Big Data expert, Bill Meade, a former marketing professor and data science guru, and Guy Givens, a dash board and scorecard expert, have recently joined the Neal team. These well-known industry experts will allow Neal to scale and meet the needs of the rapidly growing predictive analytics marketplace using Azure Machine Learning.

Cindy Gross, or @SQLCindy as she is known from her years of experience with data technologies like SQL Server and Hadoop, has enthusiastically made the leap to Neal Analytics. Cindy’s peerless experience with Big Data in the cloud and a range of experiences with Hadoop, database, BI, and analytics technologies ideally position her to lead Neal Analytics’ end-to-end solutions development through her the Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, Telemetry, Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Engine, and Clickstream Analysis experience. She has architected and consulted on a variety of projects from early implementations of pre-release products to tuning and improvement of well-established mission critical systems through her work with Azure Customer Advisory Team (AzureCAT). She has hands-on experience with Hadoop including HDInsight, Hortonworks HDP, Cloudera CDH/EDH, Hive with Tez and ORCFiles, Storm, HBase, HDFS, and WASB on Azure (Microsoft’s cloud environment). Cindy also has experience with Office 365 products including the Power BI components Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Query. Her reputation as a SQL Server and Analysis Services leader, is only surpassed by her attainment of the Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 certification. This certification has been granted to only a handful of SQL Server experts. Additionally, her flexible, make-things-work attitude is a great fit within Neal’s data-driven results-oriented culture.

Bill Meade is a data scientist with extensive data modeling experience. His portfolio of work includes molecular biology data visualization, marketing mix modeling, time series econometrics, healthcare costing, patent portfolio comparison, and patent damage estimation. His modeling as well as teaching skills make him especially suited for leading Neal’s rapidly growing team of Azure Machine Learning certified data scientists. He likens his new role to “herding genius cats,” and he couldn’t be happier. His passion for data modeling and creating successful predictions has positioned him to offer unique value within Neal’s team, as well as to customers.

Guy Givens rounds out Neal’s team with a business return-on-investment focus. With over 10 years of experience with scorecard and dashboard implementations, Guy’s unique perspective as a Microsoft certified trainer in PerformancePoint brings Neal’s line-of-business investment focus to the forefront. In addition to his market-leading score carding and performance-management Business Intelligence skillset, Guy brings years of data warehouse reporting experience. His extensive experience in all of Microsoft BI Stack suite and various business disciplines will allow Neal Analytics to deploy data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions which will fully integrate with Azure Machine Learning, and allow Neal to extract the greatest possible value from Azure ML for Neal’s customers.

These hires mesh well with Neal’s upcoming release of Neal Analytics’ SmartStock and BidProfit solutions in the Azure Machine Learning Marketplace, which Joseph Sirosh discussed in this talk at Strata, the Big Data conference. Additionally, the collective experience of the rapidly growing team at Neal is ideal for creating bespoke and unique machine learning solutions for particular lines of business. Their specialty in line-of-business predictive application development and Azure machine learning has positioned Neal to bring its solutions to market in a big way.