Join Us for An Exciting Event!

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Join Neal Analytics and Azure Machine Learning for a workshop on the benefits of using both services. This highly relevant workshop can give valuable information to anyone from a developer to CEO. By demonstrating business value through several of Neal Analytics solutions, the event will move into Azure ML and show you how to model your data.

This free, all-day event is full of hands-on activities and two different presentation sessions. David Brown, the Solution Sales Director of Neal Analytics, will begin the presentation by showing several examples of how Azure Machine Learning can be applied in a variety of business settings, while highlighting on the multitude of ways it can drive value.

Learn how to transform your software development process with Azure or receive an introductory workshop on Azure Machine Learning. Both are highly relevant across a variety of settings. The afternoon session, is a hands-on lab, which teaches guests how to build real world cloud applications using Windows Azure.

Anyone from a developer to a CEO can find this information useful. If you’re a COO, you’ll be interested because of the emerging applications predictive analytics can have with demand prediction and the implications for the restocking and supply chain process. If you’re a Solution Sales Director, you can package and resell sustianable software solutions based on this technology platform. Or, if you’re line of business is in need of improvement, then Azure can give you a way to potentially improve your business.

Mark your calendars for February 26, 2015 from 8 AM – 5 PM! Get your free tickets, here! There will be cool prizes as well as complimentary breakfast and lunch.