Initial Engagements

Through our Gold competency and Partner of the Year awards from Microsoft, we’ve built a rapport working with their deployment teams. In order to help us work with new customers on Azure, Microsoft provides funding to offset the costs of several of our engagements. If you want us to work with you to assess the fit and potential of any of these engagements to add value to your organization, please contact us!


Get the most out of your portfolio of products with SKU Max! Are you maximizing the return from your product portfolio? Which products do you need to leverage across channels to sell more? Which products are being over distributed? These are the questions you need to ask. Sign up for a POC today, and see the impact!    

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Connected Operations & IoT

Are you interested in extracting maximal value from your sensors? Are you thinking about deploying sensors but are unsure which data points to capture? Grow and scale with your business with our Connected Operations & IoT workshop. Consult with our machine learning experts to discover how to implement predictive analytics on top of your existing SCADA system. Make sure you get started on Azure in the right way – effectively and efficiently!  

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Interested in creating an artificial intelligence to augment your business? Are many of your valuable personnel caught up in routine, boring tasks, rather than value-added activities? Artificial intelligence simplifies processes and makes routine executions easier. Our Build-a-Bot workshop will help you get started on Azure and build a business case to create the Bot your business needs.  

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Digital Transformation

Neal Analytics specializes in helping organizations transform their business with a strategic roadmap driven by analytics and ROI. Are you looking to innovate in a unique and transformative way but need a technology partner to help you move forward?Are business justifications and complex organization structures hindering your business’s ability to move forward? Discover how to drive your business transformation the right way through our workshop.

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Power BI Workshop

Are you thinking about implementing Power BI? Would you like to know more about how to effectively oversee an enterprise-wide self-service BI implementation? Our Power BI workshop helps our customers understand data structuring, how to visualize data, and the architectural requirements for Power BI deployments. Get more up-to-date, standardized-yet-flexible reporting built on an enterprise-grade platform today.  

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