Next Best Offer

Neal Analytics provides a customized model to identify opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell. Our next Best Offer model combines purchasing preferences, demographic information, and weighted similarity scores based on length of customer activity to generate custom micro-segments where neighborhoods are created. The advantage of the combined approach ensures the solution is flexible so it may adapt to current purchase trends in identifying latent opportunities as well as individual customers.


Our data scientists are expert at personalizing experiences based on a rich set of customer data. Oftentimes, we integrate existing knowledge about the customer with 3rd party enrichment services, like our partner Acxiom offers. This enables our data science teams to make extremely detailed predictions.

Campaign Optimization

By taking a personalized approach to marketing campaigns and identifying the right avenue to reach out to customers, campaign’s returns can increase by up to 400%. We’ve seen this happen, and our data science team has the knowledge to replicate this success.

Fraud Detection

Detecting and preventing fraud can be a boon for financial institutions, and our teams have worked on projects for some of the largest financial organizations in the world. Detecting fraud enables intervention, better interaction, and reduction of initial risk by identifying bad actors earlier in the process.

Case Study - How We helped achieve all investment goals

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Case Study

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