How We Engage

Management Consulting & Initial Engagements

Our team offers a unique blend of management and technology consulting that we often refer to as “just enough consulting.” We specialize in short-term high-impact projects, and as a direct result of this specialization, we take a unique portfolio approach to presales, attempting to identify the right scenarios for engagement with our customers through a consultative process. Typically, we like to start customers off with a “Business Envisioning Workshop.”
We also offer a host of scoping and engagement packages to make it easier for customers to initially consume our services and explain what we do in a cohesive way. These asset-based consulting offers vary in scope from Architecture Design Sessions to Bring Your Own Data Power BI workshops.

Fixed Bid Projects

Our team engages extensively in fixed-bid fixed-scope projects, designed to catalyze digital transformation though the use of data in our customer base. Typically, these engagements either contain or are preceded by an element of discovery and follow this basic process.

Managed Services

Our teams also outsource analytics and other IT functions for customers, depending on their particular need. Governance process, IT Service Delivery, Analytics & Data Science Think-Tank, IOT Innovation Lab, Data Product Development, and NTE Cloud Cost Management are some of the functions our managed services teams perform. Oftentimes, our consultative engagements build toward the culmination of a managed service engagement model


We have a strong recruiting arm, and out of this core competency, we often staff personnel on longer-term engagements to help clients with critical roles for ongoing operations, placing a partner they can trust in a role they need. This engagement model and the longer-term nature of this sort of contract, allow us to offer build deeper longer-term relationships with clients.