Majid Al Futtaim: Developing the AI platform for an international conglomerate

Majid Al Futtaim: Developing the AI platform for an international conglomerate

Where others engage customers seeking a multi-year, multimilliondollar (often full of bloat) engagement upfront, Neal Analytics focuses on demonstrating value immediately and proving our worth at every step of the journey. With Majid Al Futtaim (MAF), we accomplished this through an executive envisioning workshop to gather the leadership of each business into one room and work through their priority issues and use cases for data, technology, and insights. 

Rather than trying to sell a technology-driven outcome, we focused on the business outcomes we could improve and fit the right technology to solve the problem once the desired end state is well defined. 

With many competing priorities, the MAF leadership picked four use cases across the different Majid Al Futtaim businesses for limited production pilots. 

A conglomerate is a relatively rare class of business enterprise currently in the world. What was considered the ultimate goal in the previous century was followed by several examples of poorly executed mergers and acquisitions, over leveraging, and regulatory scrutiny, with relatively few successful examples. Therefore, to be a successful conglomerate, a clear vision and solid execution are merely table stakes. 

Majid Al Futtaim is one such success story. Operating in industries from finance to cinemas, real estate to retail, Majid Al Futtaim has been able to unify a diverse network of businesses into a cohesive framework for consistent success. With over 40,000 employees and operations in over 15 countries, Majid Al Futtaim is a massive enterprise requiring a robust executivelevel strategy for any initiative to have a substantial impact on the business. 

Learn how Neal Analytics, a lean consulting firm, drove significant business impacts for an international conglomerate by developing a robust AI platform.