Computer manufacturer optimizes product lifecycle with Databricks

Computer manufacturer optimizes product lifecycle with Databricks


The customer, a computer manufacturer, wanted to accelerate their development of internal AI capabilities. They needed to improve customer service capabilities based on integrated IoT Telemetry. Also, they wanted to enhance all aspects of their Product Lifecycle Management. 



Neal Analytics integrated existing windows-based event & telemetry management IoT ecosystem with Azure-based Data Lake construct built using Delta Lake paradigm. We created algorithms to predict failure, win new customers, and optimize device experience. We built a Center of Excellence (COE) to accelerate the customer’s internal capability. 



Using Neal’s solution, the customer stood up its internal capability for transitioning models and architecture within six months. The predictive system that the team built was capable of scaling to millions of devices. The cloud-based data engineering tool Databricks was critical to helping the customer predict failure and scale algorithms using an edge strategy.