Cleveland school district: School curriculum evaluation

Cleveland school district: School curriculum evaluation

Service Description

  • Develop scoring metrics to evaluate curriculum and enable the school to evaluate itself comprehensively by comparing recent performance with historical records
  • Create school segmentation that allows an individual school to evaluate their curriculum against other peer schools
  • Ability to better create an academic plan and allocate resources accordingly

Service Impact

  • Identify problem lessons that need rework
  • Highlight gaps in the curriculum
  • Determine the lessons that are the most effective in guiding learning and accomplishing the intent
  • Build lesson plans tailored to student skills


  • Custom Machine Learning classification algorithms
  • Power BI dashboard to visualize scoring metrics and evaluate curriculum
  • Hands-on Machine Learning Modeling


  • Process data locally or in the cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • Refresh reports weekly with Azure Data Factory
  • Host data affordably in Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse)
  • Run advanced machine learning models using R in Azure Machine Learning
  • Export results and insights to Power BI or Excel