Chatbots: Automating internal operations at a major pharmaceutical company

Chatbots: Automating internal operations at a major pharmaceutical company


The pharmaceutical company was facing complexities with the supply chain, resulting in slow procurement processes and difficulties for non-experts within the company. They needed an easy-to-use solution that would enable more efficient internal operations.  

This challenge was especially prevalent with the procurement team at the company, where employees struggled to manage their time across the different activities of their roles facing issues with managing time for different activities. One element of this inefficiency was that the team had to spend a large amount of time on low-value activities, such as evaluating purchase orders’ status and directing internal inquiries to the right contact.   


Neal Analytics developed a chatbot that addressed the pharmaceutical company’s procurement questions without human intervention. This saved time for basic or repetitive operations by automating them.  

The integrated bot enabled records of purchase orders. We helped create a friendly user interface for non-experts in order to increase accessibility to the chatbot within the company. The solution was efficient, easy to ramp up, and did not require any user training. We leveraged different tools like Microsoft Cognitive Services: Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS), and Microsoft Bot Framework to ensure smooth functioning of operations.  


The solution resulted in an efficient, automated chatbot that could address questions related to purchase order statuses. It dramatically reduced the time spent by the procurement team addressing low-level procurement questions, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities