Chatbots: Automating customer service at a major utilities company

Chatbots: Automating customer service at a major utilities company


The utility company needed an efficient process that enabled customers to start, change, or stop their service. They wanted a simplified approach that would allow customers to use their cell phone’s text capabilities to make these changes.  

Unfortunately, past attempts had proven to be inflexible and often created more user frustration.  

The company was looking for an automated and easy-to-use solution that could streamline customer service while also improving the customer experience.  


Neal Analytics developed a chatbot capable of asking questions about a user’s service and accepting partial answers. This bot was able to ask clarifying questions to fill in the gaps of information, which helped create a more natural interaction.  

We used Microsoft Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) and Bot Framework, to create a user-friendly interface that required no extra training. 



The chatbot was able to simplify the customer experience dramatically. Implementing chatbots resulted in reduced time and cost of addressing repetitive service. Instead of being put on hold or dealing with a new application, the utility company’s customers were able to start, adjust, or stop their service plans from their phone with a few text messages.