Automating the customer journey and experience for a travel accessory company

Automating the customer journey and experience for a travel accessory company


The travel accessory company was looking to provide a channel for travel planning (such as camping trips) from an end-to-end perspective. It wanted to provide a personal touch for customers who were looking for customized recommendations based on their preferred distance, activity, etc.

The company also wanted to evaluate if it was possible to close the loop further by providing personalized product-based recommendations based on the customer’s travel plan.

Travel Accessory Company Solutions


Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, Neal Analytics developed a chatbot providing a range of options including campsite recommendations, information, general FAQ, connected product recommendations, and purchase process (in-store or online).

The bot used a combination of guided flow as well as free text questions for customers, depending on the path chosen. Neal Analytics also used Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) to translate and process natural language to create a friendly user interface that required no training to use.

Travel Accessory Company Results


The chatbot demonstrated the ability to provide personalized support and assistance to customers. This created a better customer experience when using the travel planning channel. Plus, by leveraging the chatbot in the travel planning stage, the company was able to surface actionable and simple next-best offers and action recommendations to customers.