Case Study: Connecting Beverage Machines to the Cloud to Power Productivity

MARS DRINKS sought to use predictive analytics and collect real-time data to solve a major business problem – averting downtime and out-of-stock products. The company began working with a German Internet of Things (IoT) vendor to collect telemetry information, but MARS DRINKS soon realized that it wanted a global solution. For that, the company needed a different technology platform. After its executives visited the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington and learned about the Microsoft Azure platform’s IoT and analytics capabilities, Microsoft partner Neal Analytics was consulted to create a solution to meet MARS DRINKS’ needs.

It soon became apparent that the solution Neal Analytics created would enable far more than predictive maintenance by providing insight throughout its entire value chain, from vending machines and other equipment to distributors, customers, and workplace consumers.

To learn what information MARS DRINKS was able to uncover and leverage with its solution, download the case study.

Download the Case Study