Why Neal? Here’s what our employees have to say

Why Neal? Here’s what our employees have to say

As a consulting firm, our people are our greatest assets when it comes to helping customers. It’s been incredible to watch Neal Analytics grow from small team in Seattle into a Fractal company with over 200 Neal employees around the world.

We began to wonder… What draws people to Neal Analytics? What inspires them to grow and develop their career with us? Naturally, we turned to the data to find out.

What people like most about working at Neal

Patterns quickly emerged from our interviews. Data scientists, software developers, and project managers alike mentioned the same 4 things they liked best about working at Neal Analytics. These were…

  • Working with the latest leading-edge technologies
  • Having end-to-end ownership of projects
  • A company culture built on cooperation and team spirit
  • Great opportunities for career growth and upskilling

But our team says it best in their own words. Here’s what employees across our US and India offices have to say about their Neal Analytics experience.

Careers at Neal Analytics

Do those four things resonate with you? If you’re interested in working at Neal, check out our Careers page below for the latest job openings.