Top 5 reasons why you should migrate on-premises MariaDB to Azure Database for MariaDB

Top 5 reasons why you should migrate on-premises MariaDB to Azure Database for MariaDB

MariaDB is one of the most popular databases in the world with users such as Wikipedia, WordPress and Google. It is a commercially supported fork of MySQL and intends to remain free and open source.

As we’ve seen over the past decade, the market is rapidly shifting towards the cloud. This became most evident during 2020, wherein almost all organizations found themselves needing to support a work from home workforce. Having an on-premises database became burdensome since it created multiple challenges, such as data gravity and difficulty securing, scaling, maintaining, and updating these databases.

The combination of these challenges has led to organizations expediting their cloud migration plans, bringing data to the cloud at a quicker rate than ever.

About Azure Database for MariaDB

Azure Database for MariaDB is based on the open source MariaDB Server Engine. It is a relational database service which is easy to set up, manage, and scale, plus provides enterprise grade security along with pay as you go pricing and cost optimization controls.

Top reasons to migrate

1. Security

The Azure Database is known for its unmatched security with enterprise-level security solutions with its own firewalls, restrictions, security patches and more. Azure for MariaDB ensures security by encrypting data in-transit with SSL/TLS Encryption by default. Data at rest is also encrypted by default and cannot be disabled.

2. Scalability

Azure offers several service tiers to support anything from lightweight to heavyweight workloads. Unlike current onsite hardware, instances can be spun up quickly to account for a rapidly growing site or service or even in case of unexpected traffic spikes. Azure gives you the option of creating your first instance or version of an app for a few dollars a month initially and then slowly scale up as the users and the needs increase.

3. Performance

Azure as a platform has been specifically designed to support all cloud related applications and solutions. This may give it a slight edge over other competitors who have additionally added a vertical for cloud storage.

4. Flexible pricing

With being highly scalable comes another advantage: allowing organizations to switch from CapEx to OpEx. Since organizations are able to save a lot more capital when it comes to OpEx, it is usually preferred to CapEx. Many organizations have been using open source databases in order to keep the database prices as the up-front cost, the idea was to reduce the recurring software costs. Comparing the long-term capital usage in both cases, the cost of the on-premises database was much more than the pay-as-you-go model since the set up and maintenance of the physical hardware adds a lot to the expenses.

5. Smooth transition

Azure’s own database migration system tool provided by Microsoft allows users to switch to your new Azure Database at no additional cost and almost no downtime ensuring that you stay up and running for the maximum possible time.



4 step process for Azure Database MigrationGet the full migration details from the Azure Database Migration Guide.

Why Azure

1. Frameworks

Azure Database for MariaDB works with other popular open-source frameworks and languages. Azure also features a tight integration with its own Azure Web Apps and for a fully integrated experience allows usage with popular content management apps such as WordPress and Drupal. This further allow the best solutions for almost any specific business problem.

2. Platinum sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation

Microsoft is a Platinum sponsor of the MariaDB foundation. By sponsoring MariaDB, Microsoft strives to ensure that it remains open-source in the future while helping other participants and contributors understand the source code and the lowering the learning barrier. This also makes sure that Microsoft remains updated on all new documentation and policies that MariaDB may come up with, hence future proofing your organization.

3. 99% uptime

By ensuring a Service-Level Agreement of 99.99%, Azure strives to keep your enterprise up and running with the best in class availability and lowest possible down-time.

4. DB management capabilities at no extra cost

Most database management capabilities like auto patching, automatic backups, and a built-in monitoring system are provided at no extra cost. These features combined with being a Platinum sponsor makes sure that your organization stays up to date.

5. Enhanced security

Microsoft was the first cloud provider to implement rigorous controls needed to gain the approval of EU’s data protection body. Being a fully integrated service, Azure Database for MariaDB connects you to the Microsoft global network giving you the world’s most trusted cloud with a portfolio of industry-leading security solutions.

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