The end of an adventure, the beginning of a new one: Neal Analytics is now Fractal

The end of an adventure, the beginning of a new one: Neal Analytics is now Fractal

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March 31st, 2023 is a special day for Neal and for me personally as Neal Analytics founder and CEO. It is the official last day of Neal Analytics as a company. Starting April 1st, Neal is now fully integrated into its parent company since December 2021: Fractal. 

Although this website, our LinkedIn company profile, and our Neal emails will continue to function for several months, I invite you to switch today to: 

Neal Analytics started, exactly twelve years ago on April 1st as a bet on Microsoft investments in Data and ML technologies. Neal Analytics became the first Microsoft partner to deploy Azure Machine Learning and, over the following years, we have always been at the forefront of every new Microsoft cloud, data, and AI technology development and implementation. From Azure ML to Azure Stack Edge, Project Bonsai, Purview, Percept, Cognitive Services, Dynamics Customer Insights, Dynamics Marketing, and to the latest Azure Open AI offering integrating ChatGPT right into clients’ Azure platforms. We’ve helped countless clients in industries as varied as Retail, CPG, manufacturing, health care, high-tech, and more make their data-driven business transformation a reality. 

This page that we published to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2021 also showcases our numerous Microsoft competencies, awards, keynote participations, and more: 

Here are some key milestones along the first ten years of our journey: 

Neal timeline 10 years


What’s next? 

Fractal Analytics acquired Neal Analytics to expand its Azure capabilities and build on our experience working with and for Microsoft. Starting April 1st, 2023, we will double down on this but now under the Fractal name. 

The former Neal team, including myself, will continue to support Microsoft and its customers under this new identity with the same dedication, but now with the backing of a team of over 4,000 consultants spread across offices around the globe and offering numerous new solutions and accelerators in addition to Neal’s. 

I can’t wait to see the positive impact Neal, err Fractal, will continue to have on its clients’ business and digital transformation projects in the future. 

See you soon in our Bellevue offices or at the next Microsoft event! 

dylan dias ceoDylan Dias 
Founder and CEO, Neal Analytics (4/1/2011-3/31/2023)
Head of Cloud Partnerships, Fractal (4/1/2023+)