Start your data journey with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI

Start your data journey with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI

High-performing organizations have a strong data culture. According to a McKinsey study, respondents from companies with the greatest overall revenue and earnings were three times as likely to cite their data and analytics initiatives as a key contributor to at least 20% of their EBIT.  


Data and analytics play a key role in all functions and industries, from sales and customer service to manufacturers and frontline workers 

As highlighted in this blog post from Microsoft, becoming data-driven has benefits that go beyond the direct financial ones. 

Quoting a survey from the Harvard Business Review Microsoft highlights that embracing a data-driven culture impacts not only revenue performance but customer satisfaction too. Since we’re talking about being data-driven, what does the data tell us? 

According to a Forrester report on Total Economic Impact (TEI), companies that build their data platform on Microsoft Analytics solutions, which include Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, see a return on investments of 270% and an increase in customer satisfaction of 60%. 

We often recommend Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI to clients as these provide an excellent basis for security and role-based access, integration with Azure AI services, and scalability. 

Your first question maybe: How can we get started? The next questions are likely: How do I do this without committing too many resources too early? And how do I know where to start? 

Some of the biggest challenges facing organizations at the start of their data journey is creating the right data strategy and architecture that can sustain them past the first initiative. 

Neal Analytics, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, offers an innovative approach to help companies get started in their journey to become a data-driven company. It all begins with a focused strategic workshop led by our business and data analysts. This workshop helps executives identify the most appropriate business process(es) to target first, from both an ROI and risks perspective. 

Neal Analytics then offers customers the option to initiate the implementation phase through a managed capacity agile model. We call this approach Data Science, Cloud Platform, and BI “as a Service.” All of Neal’s “as a Service” offerings align to this simple execution methodology, firmly backed by Azure DevOps source control and task tracking, regular sprint communications management with Power BI, and simplified, flexible, pay-for-what-you-use resourcing. During each 2-weeks agile sprints, expert consultants will be part of a blended team whose participants will evolve, sprints after sprints, based on the project’s needs and the customer’s in-house capabilities. 

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Some strategic workshops we offer include: 

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This blog was originally published 10/3/2019 and has since been updated.