Neal Analytics’ top 10 blog posts of 2020

Neal Analytics’ top 10 blog posts of 2020

The results are in! Here are Neal’s 10 posts of the 2020.

Check out the list below for a mix of our readers’ favorite blog posts on strategy and use-case scenarios, as well as our most popular step-by-step technical tutorials.

Top strategy posts in 2020

mlops brain

What is MLOps?

blue tech node and circuit pattern

4 reasons why we’re excited for Azure Synapse Analytics

The 10 roles required to staff a successful data analytics project

woman delivers packaged goods wearing mask

SKU Optimization: How to improve your supply chains in COVID-19

man in safety goggles checks machinery

Unlocking the potential of AI in manufacturing with machine teaching and deep reinforcement learning

Top technical posts in 2020

custom authorizer aws api gateway flow diagram

How to create a custom authorizer for AWS API Gateway using serverless Lambda functions in Node and .NET Core

Cloud Image

Managing incremental loads through Azure Data Factory Version 2 using the Lookup activity

test and deploy function screenshot

How to use Python for data engineering in ADF

business woman works on laptop with power BI logo

3 ways you can use Power BI to access ERP data

happy woman at cafe with laptop

How to build a personalized recommender using data science