Neal News: What’s next for SQL Server

Neal News: What’s next for SQL Server

Today, we’re looking at SQL Server migrations! With the countdown clock started for end of support, it’s a good time to think about where you want to go next.

Should you migrate to Azure Database or Azure Synapse? Upgrade to SQL Server 2019? It depends.

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the best choice for your business goals, but we do have a few articles that can help you decide…

Impacted by SQL Server 2012's End of Support? Neal can help

What SQL Server 2012 end of support means for you

SQL Server 2012 reaches end of life July 12, 2022. We answer the most frequently asked questions like:

  • Will my SQL Server 2012 stop working?
  • How does end of support impact security?
  • Should I migrate or upgrade to SQL Server 2019?
  • How do I choose a platform for my SQL database?

Why Azure is the ideal destination for SQL Server migrations

AWS is a perfectly fine place to migrate, but there are 4 reasons we recommend Azure to our customers when discussing SQL Server migrations. Hint: One of them is cost (and a 5x lower TCO).

SQL in the cloud: Easier than ever to move an on-prem storage platform to the new world

What goes into migrating a legacy system to the cloud? We look back at an old project where we helped a customer create a roadmap to ensure more cost-efficient IT operations, scalability, and BI capabilities by migrating SQL Server to Azure.

5 tips and tricks for successful SQL Server migrations

So, you want to migrate your SQL Server environment to Azure.  Where do you start? We have 5 tips to help make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Top reasons to migrate SQL Data Warehouse to Azure Synapse Analytics

What are the benefits of migrating to Azure Synapse? Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for complex, long-running analytical processes, quick information transfer to Azure Delta Lake, and the ability to control access across roles are just a few reasons.

Neal can now help organizations plan and budget their SQL Server migration to Azure via Microsoft’s Azure Migration Engagement (AME) program. Click here to learn more. 

In other news…

Did you know Neal worked with Microsoft and NVIDIA to help accelerate AI edge deployments? It’s pretty cool. Learn about Azure Percept on Azure Stack HCI here.

Microsoft announced SQL Server 2022 was in preview – and it already has some exciting features.

Many businesses experienced accelerated, but messy, cloud adoptions during the pandemic. Now they’re circling back to create more efficient, long-term cloud strategies.