Neal News: The many use cases for computer vision

Neal News: The many use cases for computer vision

Computer vision has rapidly created new use cases and capabilities across a variety of industries, from retail and healthcare to manufacturing. It provides a wide range of solutions to recognize and label objects, read and extract text, analyze and monitor foot-traffic, and more.

Here are a few computer vision articles and use cases you may find interesting…

What makes a good dataset for deep learning in computer vision?

Whether the problem deals with image classification, object detection, or localization, at the core of every deep learning vision algorithm is a large collection of labeled images. In this article, we cover the requirements of a good dataset for deep learning in computer vision and how you can build one.

Use case: Analyze foot traffic with computer vision at the edge

Want to provide a safer and smarter way for shoppers during critical situations like COVID-19? In this project, we deployed computer vision at the edge to provide real-time analytics of foot traffic to help a customer maintain social distancing for shoppers.

Dashboard showing people detection and analytics with computer vision at the edge


Use case: Computer vision to reduce stock-outs of critical supplies

We use AI-powered stock out detection to help reduce the stock-out duration of critical medical supplies. Watch this video to learn how Neal’s solution, StockView for Healthcare, helps detect and alert pharmacies and hospitals about stock-outs in their supply closets.


Use case: Reduce shrinkage and improve the customer experience

How can AI-powered gap detection at the edge reduce lost sales and improve customer experience? Watch this video to see how StockView for Retail solution helps retailers with powerful insights and analytics into stock-out activities at both single-store and multi-store levels.

StockView Architecture Diagram

In other news… 

North America’s AI market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 45% by 2027Read more about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on AI in computer vision market.

Is computer vision still an untapped opportunityCheck out this article by Forbes to learn about the opportunities for computer vision in different industries.

What’s new in computer vision optical character recognition (OCR)Watch this video by The AI Show.

Project InnerEye uses medical imaging AI models to assist with medical imaging and analysis. InnerEye uses advanced vision AI to display 3D images, benefitting oncologists with its scalability and accuracy.

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the edge. According to Intel, 72% of IT leaders are already using edge computing. The chip giant expects that adopting edge technologies will play a key role in a business’s success over the next few years. Read more.